Reusable Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Reusable Amber Glass Spray Bottles from Firefly.These reusable amber glass spray bottles from Firefly are great to have around the house.

Instead of buying cleaners in those plastic bottles, you can put your cleaners in these bottles and just reuse them. It will help lower the amount of trash going into landfills.

If you make your own environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaners, you will also save a bit of money. A lot of what you pay for commercial cleaners goes for the packaging.

I am using one of the bottles for plain water to spritz on my plants, and occasional squirt at the dogs (when they get into something they shouldn’t).

The other bottle has a mixture of vinegar and lemon oil, and smells really good. Since both of those can be used for cleaning and disinfecting, it gets sprayed in my kitchen mostly.

You can put anything in these bottles. Of course if you want to spray it, it can’t have large particles in it.

Amber Glass Spray BottlesThe bottles are pretty big. Each holds 16 oz, which means you can go longer between refills.

The labels are really neat too. I have some chalk markers that I used to label mine. I love that you can easily erase and change whatever is on the label.

I really like these bottles. I expect to use them for years (barring accidental breakage).

I received a free product to review.

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