Want A Cute Shirt For Your Dog?

Hawaiian Shirt from Micha Doggy Wear.Micha Doggy Wear makes some really cute shirts.

The Hawaiian shirt was a bit too colorful for me, so I opted for the Peace shirt.

I got the large because I figured it would fit at least two of my dogs, and I was right.

Micha Peace Shirt on my smallest dog.It fit the smallest dog a bit big, but it does look cute.

Micha Peace shirt on my middle dog.It fit the middle sized dog too.

I decided not to try to put it on the big dog. The big one hasn’t ever had anything put on her like that, and she would fight it. I didn’t want to tussle with her by myself.

Besides which the big dog wouldn’t be wearing it on a regular basis anyway. Most likely the middle dog will.

These are really neat, well made shirts.

Micha Doggy Wear donates a portion of the profits from all sales to the Busan Abandoned Pets Sanctuary (please check out their website and Facebook page), where the dog that inspired the brand was rescued from.

You can also visit Micha Doggy Wear on Facebook and Instagram.

I received a free product to review.

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