Charge Your Electronics Using The Cigarette Lighter

Multi-Port car charger from Stalion.If your car has a cigarette lighter then you can use this universal multi-port car charger while on the go.

It has 5 USB ports, so you can charge multiple items at one time. It will work for any of your electronics that charge by USB.

The Stalion car charger recognizes different devices and uses the fastest speed for that particular device.

Picture of the Stalion Multi-Port(5) Car Charger in my husbands truck.

My husband has it in his truck. It has been used to charge his phone mostly. It does work on my Kindle. We could charge the kindle, his phone, and my phone at one time, and still have two ports for anyone else who is tagging along to use. So if every member of your family has something that needs charging, you won’t have to fight over the charger.

My husband really likes this charger. He has forgotten to charge his phone, and forgotten to charge the portable charger that he keeps in the truck. So he was out in the boonies with no way to charge his phone. Now that he has this charger that will not be a problem again. So long as his truck is working anyway.

This is a really nice looking charger too. We got the black one but you can get a white one if you want.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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