Electrical Outlets Too Far Away?

Ubercords 6' Extension Cords.These 6 Foot Extension Cords from Ubercords extend your reach to those far away outlets.

These are really good extension cords too. They are heavy duty cords, and are made to last a long time.

They are CSA approved with a lifetime warranty, and are rated for 125 Volt/13 Amp Applications.

I put one of them on my husbands wireless phone stand. The phone is by his recliner on an end table, and the big dog likes to hide back there when it storms. She has knocked the phone off the table several times, because the cord was up off the floor (it barely reached the outlet at all).

6' Ubercdord on my Husbands Phone.With the Ubercord on it the cord is not in the way anymore. I hope that means the phone won’t get knocked off again.

The other cord I put on one of the incubators in my library.

Ubercord on my Incubator.The plugin is slightly behind the bookshelf, and underneath the table the incubators are sitting on. Which meant that to plug something in, or unplug it, I had to get down on the floor and crawl under the table. I won’t have to do that anymore, at least not until I’m ready to unplug it permanently (for this year) anyway.

For those of you wondering why I need to unplug them, it is because we had several sets of eggs, with different hatching times, and sometimes have to alternate incubators (they have to be cleaned).  It helps to have the one in use plugged into an extension cord.

These 6′ cords are just the right length for most uses in the house. Long enough to reach, and not long enough to be in the way.

I like them.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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