Ever Had To Cut A Seat Belt?

Tire Gauge Multi-Tool Product.I have not ever had to cut a seatbelt for any reason, much less had to cut myself out of it in an emergency. I don’t ever want to have to either.

But if it was ever necessary I would like to be able to do so.

The Life Tire Gauge from Mountain Crest Products has a pair of scissors and a small saw, that can be used to cut your seat belt.

Of course you have to have the tool where you can reach it, if you need it, and you will have to remember it is there.

Folks do tend to forget things like that in emergencies. Finding yourself upside down in a ditch full of water, would tend to have a negative effect on most folks ability to think. Mine for sure.

But when you settle down and remember, having something to help you get out would be a Good Thing. It does have a pointy thing on the other end to use to break the window too.

In the meantime , you can use the flashlight and the tire gauge on a regular basis. The digital read-out is easy to see, and the light on the tire gauge makes it easy to see the tire stem, even in the dark.

It is made of hard plastic and metal. It seems sturdy.

I like having it.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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