Dryer Balls Can Save You Money

Picture of Feeling Fluffy Dryer Balls.Putting some dryer balls in your clothes dryer is one way to save a little bit of money. Every little bit helps, because those cents add up to dollars, and over the life of the balls that can come to quite a bit.

These Feeling Fluffy Dryer Balls should last for at least a thousand loads and probably will last for twice that. You can keep using them until they start to shrink. Actually you can use them after that, but they will not work as well.

These are much better than putting tennis balls in your dryer, which is what folks used to tell people to do (or I was told that anyway).

For one thing these are softer, and won’t damage clothing (except you probably should not use with delicates, unless you have them in a dryer bag).

These balls are also hypoallergenic and have no chemicals, so are safe for people with sensitive skin.  They are made of 100% wool, and are very soft and do not make a lot of noise in the dryer.

Besides all that they come with a guarantee: If you are not satisfied just return them for a full refund.

I like these. They do get the clothes dry a bit faster, and fluff them up a bit too. My clothes come out as soft as if I had put one of those dryer sheets in there.

They only problem I have ever had is having one fall out of the dryer when taking clothes out. The ball hits the floor and one of the dogs takes off with it. That only happened once though, I have been a lot more careful to make sure the dogs can’t get them.

No big deal anyway, a bit of slobber never hurt anyone, and the ball came through the experience just fine. Didn’t hurt it at all.

I received a free or discounted product to review.


  1. I love my dryer balls. I put a couple drops of essential oils on to make the laundry smell good without chemicals.

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