Want A Relaxing Aromatic Bath?

Picture of the box of Angele Bath Bombs.These Bath Bombs from Angèle are wonderful.

They fizz! A lot. And by a lot I mean for about a minute. I tried to take a video but my phone kept freezing up. I did get some pictures.

All of the Bath Bombs smell wonderful, and that is with the wrapper on. I left the box out on the table for a day or so because it made the room smell nice.

My husband choose this one for me to use first. He liked the smell of it.

Bath Bomb before it gets thrown into my bathtub.So I started the bath and unwrapped the bomb and dropped it in there. It did look sort of like an explosion. The water started bubbling like a boiling pot. It was neat.

Picture of the bath bomb in my tub.

The fizzing lasted for a while.


Picture of the bath bomb fizzing in the middle of my tub.

I managed to get in the tub before it stopped. The fizzing feels good too.

These Bath Bombs are huge. As you can see the water turned pink. And the whole bathroom smelled great. It made me smell good too, for quite a while afterward. My husband liked it.

It will do your skin good too. They contain Coconut oil, Shea butter, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, Mediterranean sea salt, witch hazel, & natural mica colorants. When you get out of the bath your skins feels soft and moist and it stays that way for a while.

I loved soaking in the tub with these.

The box comes with six different scents:

Bubbly (champagne fragrance with bath tea & roses)

Balmy Beach (ocean breeze fragrance & sea salt)

Chillax! (eucalyptus & spearmint oils)

Dulce Colada (strawberry fragrance & coconut oil)

La Bomba (pink grapefruit fragrance)

Lavender Tea (lavender fragrance & bath tea)

This Gift Box would make a wonderful gift for any woman.

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I received a free product to review.

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