Need Some Drip Dry Hangers?

Green Amphibious Hangers from Bria.These  Green Amphibious Hangers from BriaUSA are great for drip dry items.

The green area is a softer non-slip material that helps keep the clothing from slipping off or pulling out of shape.

The design of the hangers also keeps the collars from stretching.

I really like the swivel hooks. If I want to take a dress out of the closet and hang it over the door while dressing, that works with these hangers.

I can hang most of our clothing on these, with the exception of my husbands heaviest winter tops. Those are really thick and heavy, and if you pull too hard taking it off, the hook will break off the hanger.

Yea, I know, my fault. I don’t like doing laundry and I get a bit impatient with it. Especially with the thick heavy stuff that is hard to handle.

I haven’t had any problems with my shirts and blouses.

Purple, Green, and Blue Amphibious Hangers from BriaUSA.

And these hangers work great for drip drying sweaters.

Green Amphibious Hangers from BriaUSA.You will notice that these hangers come in different colors. I have some Green, Purple, and Blue hangers. I like all of them.

They come with a money-back satisfaction guarantee and you can buy them on

I received a free item to review.


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