Save Money With Motion Sensor LED Lights

MSLPro Motion Sensing Socket PlugThe MSLPro Motion Sensing Socket Plug is a great way to save on lighting costs.

It uses a regular LED light bulb that puts out about 475 Lumens. That is about the same as a 40 watt incandescent bulb, which is plenty of light for most purposes.

I put the one we got in our kitchen. I had it by the door at first but I had to move it because the light shined into our bedroom, right on my husbands face. Not a good thing.

I moved it to the other side of the kitchen and it works really great. It lights up the whole kitchen well enough for most things. I do like having the overhead light on when I’m cooking though.

Motion Sensor Plug Light.

It has three different settings you can change, the motion sensing distance, the time it stays on, and whether it will come on in the daytime.

Since our kitchen is usually nice and bright during the day, I set it to only come on after dark. It will come on during storms or on cloudy days too, but mostly only at night.

I also set the distance so it would come on when someone walked into the kitchen, and to stay on for 3 minutes. The stay on timer counts from when it last detects motion.  You can set it to stay on from 25 seconds to 5 minutes. If you keep moving it will stay on.

I originally set it to only stay on for about 1 minute, but my husband wanted it to stay on long enough for him to get the coffee maker going in the morning, and the coffee maker is just out of range of the motion sensor on the other side of the kitchen (weird angles in this house).

He used to turn the light on and just leave it on so he could see when he came back down the hall. Now with this light we are saving electricity because it goes off while he isn’t in there. I really like that.

I would love to replace just about all the lights in our house with motion sensor lights.

I received a free product to review.

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