Trashcans Make Useful Gifts

5L brushed stainless steel step trash can.I know trash cans are not usually what people think of when they are looking for a gift, but they are very useful. Especially for young adults or anyone just starting their own household. Or someone who lost all their things in a fire.

A really nice one like this 5L brushed stainless steel step trash can, would make a wonderful housewarming gift.

I would have loved to be given one of these when I got my first apartment. We didn’t have anything, and I was scrounging things from all my family and friends and flea markets.

For a long time we only had a couple of really ugly buckets. They worked, but they were not really nice.

The trash can and the bucket that goes in it.I love this step trash can. It has a bucket inside with a handle so you can just lift that out to dump the trash. You don’t even have to put a trash bag in, unless you want to.

I really like the step function. The trash stays hidden, until you step on it to open it. The lid also keeps any smells inside the can.

It is easy to use. Just step on the lever and the top pops up.

Step Trash Can with the bucket inside.

I have two of these. The smaller one is in my guest bath. The bigger one in the main bath.

They do make even larger ones, for those who need something bigger. In my case there are usually only two of us making trash so we don’t need anything really big.

These work just fine.

I received a free product to review.


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