What Do You Want???

Sound a bit querulous do I? That’s nothing compared to how I feel.

Picture me sounding like a 2 year old. Or are 4 year olds worse? Whichever.

You hear me whining? Tell me, tell me, tell meeeee! What do you waaa–aant???

Question Mark I drew.

I am gonna have to cut down on the giveaways. Unless you guys want to send me some contributions, ’cause I’m all out of money.  I have two going live tonight but that is gonna be the last one for a while, unless I get sponsors.  I do have a (tentative) sponsor for a Valentines Hop next month, but so far that is it.

I am also getting sort of tired of reviewing small products. Besides that my house is getting full. So I’m gonna slow down on those. Now if anyone wants to send me BIG items, or expensive items, I’m all for that.

Of course if they just want to sponsor a giveaway that is different. It doesn’t require me to find a spot to store the item (or figure out how to use it).

So what do you want? From me, that is.

Do you know what you want? Do you want anything? Would you just as soon not even bother coming here? Would it be a relief not to have to visit another blog?

You may need a break worse than I do. But before you go, got any suggestions? Tips? Questions? Prompts? Snide remarks?

Let’s hear ’em! See ’em? Whatever. Leave ’em in the comments.

That will give me something to write about. If I’m not locked in a padded room by then. I don’t think they let you have computers in there do they?

Thank you. :)

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