Mini Nail Files Make Nail Care Fun

Colorful Mini Nail Files.Kids of all ages will love these colorful Mini Nail Files. I do myself!

They come in lots of colors which is really neat. I took a picture of the package before I opened it because it looked so pretty.

Unopened package of mini nail files.Then of course you open the package and have a pile of color. I especially like the green and orange ones.

Pile of colorful mini nail files.These come in packs of 50 so you will have plenty of them to share with your family. I took some of each color to my mom, because she is always using nail files, and always needing more of them. That is partly ’cause she can’t always find one when she needs it. Now she has enough to put around the house so she can always find one.

I put some in different places in my house too. By my recliner, in each bathroom, by the beds, and in the kitchen.

These also come in different grits. So you can find one for just about anything you need.

These can be used for things other than nails. I have used them on my hearing aid molds, and on my dentures, and they can be used on small items in the house if you don’t have sandpaper handy.

These are made in the USA and are 3.5 inches long by 1/2 of an inch wide. They are easy to hold and use.

I received this item at a heavily discounted price to review.

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