A Better Expandable Garden Hose

Expandable Garden Hose from RY Gardener.

This Expandable Garden Hose from RY Gardener is much thicker than the others I have seen. The cover feels like it is stronger as well.

It has 4 layers. The outer cover feels like a heavy fabric. I haven’t actually seen the other layers but this diagram shows that there is a PVC layer on top of the third layer, and that the inner layer is double latex.

Diagram of the Expandable Garden Hose from RY Gardener.That should help keep the hose from busting so quick. They also reinforced the connecting areas so maybe that will hold together a lot longer.

The instructions said that if it freezes that could damage the inner layer so I haven’t been able to use the hose a lot yet. It is still freezing here at night, and haven’t had a lot of use for a hose yet.

I did use it to clean out all my chicken waterers and fill them up. My husband used it to clean off his lawn mower after he mulched the leaves that were left out back.

Diagram of the Expandable Garden Hose from RY Gardener when you first start filling it up.

Using the hose in the chicken yard did expose a problem with our pump though. The water pressure out there isn’t what it should be. It took a few minutes to fill the hose. My husband says it is the pump and that he will fix it.

Diagram of the Expandable Garden Hose from RY Gardener stretched across the chicken yard.In any case the hose easily reached the other side of the chicken yard, and could have gone farther. This particular hose is 50′ long. They do make longer or shorter ones.

I am hoping to get a 25′ one for my garden area.

The hose comes with 5 extra washers, an 8 way spray nozzle, and a hanger for the hose. I really like the hanger. It will be nice to have a way to put the hose up off the ground after using it.

Expandable Hose and accessories.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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