Take A Deep Breath

Now take another deep breath. Do you know how wonderful it is to be able to do that?

Breathing is amazing. Most of the time it happens without you even paying attention. You don’t have to think about it. You can just go diddy bopping along, and not worry about it at all.

And you don’t worry about it. Or even think about it. Till you can’t do it. Then it becomes the most important thing in your world, and it is really hard to pay attention to other things.

Most of the time I’m fine, and only have a problem if I try to walk too fast or something.

The last few days though with all this rain, the humidity is high, and that seems to make it worse. Just breathing is work. Doing anything else doesn’t seem worth it.

Right now I’m on Advair which helps a lot. So long as the insurance covers it. If the insurance stops covering it like they did the Dulera that I was taking before, then I’m pretty much screwed.

Anyone without insurance or a lot of money is in that situation, because all of those medicines seem to be hugely expensive.

So just take the time to stop and breath every now and then. Maybe smell some flowers, or coffee, and just appreciate how blessed you are.

Bench my father made out of a log.

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