Casual T-Shirts With Sleeves

It isn’t easy to find any kind of casual shirt with medium sleeves these days. Most of the ones I see in stores have very short sleeves.

I’m too old and out of shape for those these days. I want longer sleeves to cover the flabby parts of my arms. Sleeves that come down at least halfway to my elbow are a must.

Cotton t-shirt with pocket and sleeves.

I saw this striped t-shirt and thought it looked nice. It is hard to tell about shirts online though. Just cause they look nice on those skinny models, doesn’t mean they will look good on me.

Or any plus size woman for that matter. This one is supposed to be made for plus sizes, but the model doesn’t look all that big to me.

In any case I decided to try it, and I went for the same color as the model in the picture.

Picture of the t-shirt on me.It doesn’t quite fit me the same does it? Of course I’m shorter, which means the shirt comes down farther. I can’t decide if that is good or bad.

The shirt is very comfortable. It is soft and not binding. The material is thin and should be great for hot days of summer. I love the sleeves. It would be nice to have a couple in solid colors.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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