Multiple Flashlights For Emergencies

BYBlight Aluminum LED FlashlightsThese little aluminum LED Flashlights are great to have around the house in case of emergency. I keep a small flashlight in the car, and one in my purse too, because you just never know when or where it might be needed.

These mini flashlights come in sets of 4 and each is a different color. I like the silver one especially. All are pretty.

They use three triple A batteries (not included) and are very easy to use. Just push the button on the end to turn it on or off.

These flashlights don’t weigh much. You can carry them on a hike without getting tired. There is a carry strap on the end too.

They are bright without being blinding. The light is bright enough to see how to change a tire if you need to do that in the middle of the night.

They last a long time too since they use LED bulbs.

All the BYBlights have an 18 month warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee.

I received a free or discounted product to review.


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