Small LED Flashlights Good For Emergencies

BYBlight Cree LED Flashlight TorchSmall  LED Flashlights will fit just about anywhere without taking up a lot of room, and they are not heavy. I like to have one in my purse, cause you never know when you might get stuck out somewhere in the dark.

If you have a flat tire while driving out in the boonies at night you really want a good light.

The BYBlight Cree LED Flashlight has three modes, bright, brighter, and strobe. You can also zoom the light out so it covers more area, or tighten it up to show a small area.

I have been using the dim light zoomed out, when I go to check on my chickens in the evening. The chickens will be roosting and a regular flashlight gets them all upset, they fuss at me something awful. I’m glad they don’t speak English because I’m pretty sure all that cackling would translate into a really good cussing out.

The dim diffused setting on this flashlight doesn’t bother them though. It is still bright enough that I can see if all the chickens are there, and no bad critters have snuck in.

These come in a set of 4 so we have them in several rooms of the house. One in the bedroom, one by the computers, and one in the kitchen. Next time the lights go out I won’t have to hunt for a flashlight.

Set of BYBlight Cree LED Flashlight Torchs.My husband took off with one of them. He has it in his truck.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

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  1. Many people may have heard about the benefits of led flashlight bulb flashlights, but they were not sure if they are correct. Note that the LED is not a new creation, as it has existed since the 60s. In those days, they released a small amount of light that can not be used in lighting. Over time, regular improvements led to the emergence of LED flashlights for commercial purposes.

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