Decorate And Protect Your Table During Holiday Dinners

Decorative Christmad Trivet Runner.This beautiful Christmas Trivet Runner from Anna Stay will protect your table from hot or cold and look lovely too.

It is 40 inches long and 12 inches wide, so most serving bowls or platters will fit easily, and it will cover the middle of most tables.

It can handle up to 300 degrees heat and is insulated to protect your table. It will help keep the items hot longer too. Or cold if you place cold items on it. You can put both cold and hot items on it, but not too close to each other.

This one is made especially for Christmas. It has a lovely holiday design and is red.

Holiday design on the Anna Stay trivet runner.That is not going to prevent us from using it for Thanksgiving Dinner this year, as well as our Christmas Dinner. It can be used at any time if you don’t mind the decorations.

Some of my pots on the Anna Stay Trivet Runner.I actually got this for my Mom to use for our holiday dinners. She is the one who does most of the cooking still. She really likes it. It will replace a couple of trivets and some pot holders on the table. The table will look a lot better this year without all the mismatched items.

The table runner is easy to clean. Just wipe it with a soapy rag. Roll it up and store it in a drawer till you need it again.

I like it.

I received a free product to review.


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