Gonna Talk About My Favorite Books

I’m starting a new series of posts. New Category too. Right now I’m not sure what to call it. Favorites? Best Books? Books I like? What do you think?

I’m gonna talk about the books I loved as a kid. Books I loved as a teenager. Books I loved as a young adult. Books I love now.

They are NOT the same lists.

I loved comic books at one time. The horror ones, not the super heroes. Why? I have no idea.

Stopped wanting those during my tween years.

Went through a period where I loved romance. That was ALL I read during that time. Weird.

At least it seems weird now.

I still love romance but not all the time. I like to read different stuff. This week I seem to be into adventurous/military type stuff. A couple of weeks ago it was mysteries.

Who knows what next week will bring?

I’ll probably post these on a rotating basis, once a week or so.

I’m open to suggestions. Please. Help.

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  1. Yes, I love this idea! I love seeing what other people’s favorite books are.
    I def. think you should say “favorite” not best, because sometimes the best books are not always our favorites.

    I was into comics too, but as a teen and I loved The Archie’s LOL.
    I was never a romance fan until now (I read them prob 50% of the time) but I used to love suspense and horror!
    The scarier the better!
    Def. not into military! – sorry :-/

    Looking forward to theses post. Now once you start these – will you be looking for, or be ok with – others posting and linking back to you?

    1. I would love to have others post and link back. And comment. Even make snide remarks if it fits the subject and doesn’t get mean.

      You have a good point about the “best” books. Some so called “best” books are ones I would not have thought to ever add to such a list.

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