Still A Wonderful Pan For Cooking

Big pan from WaxonWare. I reviewed this saute pan from Waxonware a while back. I loved it then, and I love it now.

In fact I loved it so much that I bought one of the frying pans too. I loved it too. I still love it.Frying pan from Waxonware.I use these all the time. They are still in the same shape except the saute pan has stained slightly right in the middle. From cooking too fast or too hot and letting the pan get too dry while cooking (cause I wasn’t paying attention ).

They are both still non-stick. I have had to clean them with baking soda a few times.

I love the fry pan for cooking my husbands eggs in the morning. He likes them fried with the yellow still slightly runny and non-broken. If the eggs stick you end up with broken yolks. So far no sicking.

It is looking like these pans will last for years and still be just as good. I really like that.

I’ve thought about getting one of the covered caserole/dutch oven pans, but I don’t really that much cooking that would use it.

What is your favorite cookware?

Other than these pans I still use my grandmothers Corning Ware. I love it too.

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