We Made It Through Another Year!

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Woo! Go us! Seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we started 2017 and now it is over.

I didn’t get everything done that I planned to do last year. Did you?

My library/spare room is still a mess, except for a couple of shelves. Which is a good start.

I’ve been told we are not gonna be getting more guineas this year, so if I get it cleaned up and cleared out by March it should stay that way.

We had a few funerals this year. Lots of changes. We are still getting adjusted. Not easy.

I did read a lot of books. Haven’t got all the reviews up yet. Got behind because of all the other stuff. Still working on that.

How has your year been? Lots of you guys live in areas where bad things happened this past year. I hope things there are getting back to something resembling “normal”, though I doubt normal is in the cards for lots of folks for a while yet.

Puerto Rico still doesn’t have electricity. That is a long time to do without power. I went 17 days once in the middle of winter and that was tough. Don’t like even thinking about being without for months.

Other places had floods, fires, and storms.

Here is praying the new year brings better things for all.

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