My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software Review and Giveaway (closed)

My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software Review and Giveaway (closed)

My Memories SuiteI have never done scrapbooking before so I was hesitant to accept an offer to review the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software. They claimed that it is simple enough for beginners to use but powerful enough for serious scrapbookers.

Since I am definitly a beginner the simple bit would have to be true for me to accomplish anything with it.  I can’t say for sure just how powerful it is because I don’t know enough about scrapbooking. I can say it was simple and easy.

I managed to do two separate projects. One using pictures of my stepson that my hubby will probably like. He might get that for a Christmas present.

I wanted something to post on here too so I made a page with some of my fur babies. My fure babiesI had fun playing with all the different shapes and little decorations you can add.

It took me a bit to actually pick something and stick with it. There were so many different backgrounds and colors and wallpapers to choose from.

And different fonts and text sizes and picture shapes and little bows and bubbles and thingys! I didn’t actually look at every single thing you could put on there…it would have taken a lot longer than I had for this review!

You can use this digital scrapbooking software  for traditional scrapbooking. The pages can be printed out and added to a book. Or you can do a digital scrapbook which can have audio and video as well as pictures. The scrapbooks can be turned into movies to share on DVD or iPod.

This would be a great program for anyone who loves scrapbooking. Or for designing picture displays for your walls. My babies are going to get printed out and put in a frame for my living room wall. Someone really creative could do a lot more with this than what I managed.

I had fun with it though. The only problem I had was figuring out how to make it crop my pictures (most of them were too big to start with). That turned out to be really simple  too-just double click the picture!

Click to buy My Memories Suite. Use code: STMMMS67223 for a $10 discount and a $10 coupon to use in their store.

My Memories is offering one of my followers the opportunity to win a free copy! This is a worldwide giveaway so anyone who can download the program can enter!

Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below. If the form isn’t showing please refresh the page.

I received a free copy of the software for review purposes. No other compensation was given.

Follow Frenzy (closed)

Follow Frenzy (closed)

Welcome to Follow Frenzy September!

hosted by Formula Mom & Tales from the Nursery!

Follow Frenzy! Win cash!

Welcome to the September edition of Follow Frenzy! This is a monthly giveaway event that helps readers find new blogs to read,  follow, and enter to win some cash or an Amazon GC. For bloggers, it helps them to gain new followers and grow their social media presence.

This month you have a chance to win $165 paid via PayPal or an Amazon gift code! Each entry is another chance to win, so check out the Rafflecopter form below and visit all of the amazing blogs participating in this event! You can enter until 11:59 pm EST on Sunday, September 25th. Then a winner will be drawn and notified via email. The winner will have 48 hours to reply or another winner will be drawn. Read More

Turbine Points For Lord Of The Rings Online Giveaway(closed)

Turbine Points For Lord Of The Rings Online Giveaway(closed)

In honor of the Rise of Isengard expansion I am giving away a gift card for Turbine Points that can be used in the Lord of The Rings Online store. (Picture is blurry- sorry about that- couldn’t get a good angle.)

Turbine points card.

Those of you who don’t play online games probably know someone who does or who would like to try it. If you know a gamer with a birthday coming up this would make a great gift. Anyone who plays The Lord of the Rings Online would love to get this gift card as a present! Just trust me on that. Or ask them lol.

If you haven’t played the Lord the Rings Online then you might want to try it now.  It is downloadable and it is free to play. You don’t even have to have these points to play. The points do make some things easier to get because you can just buy them instead of hunting for them but you don’t actually NEED to buy them.

Some points are earned while playing the game as well. You can make enough points in the game to buy most of the quest packs without spending any money.  And of course you can get these gift cards just about anywhere that sells them including Wal-mart(where I got this one).

If you already have a Lord of the Rings Online account then you will want to enter this one! The gift card has 1600 Turbine Points! That will buy quite a bit. It is more than enough to buy the new raid and is about half the amount you need to buy the expansion quests.

Since the latest info I could find says the expansion will be out on the 27th I’m timing this to end at midnight on the 26th. So the winner might even get the points in time to use them to buy the expansion! Or if you are like me and already pre-ordered so you got all the goodies…you can still use it to buy all the new items or buffs.

This is an actual Gift Card that I bought myself. The winner can either give me their address and I can mail it…or I can email them the code.  If you want it mailed you have to live somewhere it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to mail it to.  That’s it! Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below. If it isn’t showing please refresh the page. If it still isn’t working…email me and let me know!

Bold’s Palooza Giveaway Hop (closed)

Bold’s Palooza Giveaway Hop (closed)

It is time for another giveaway event! This one is hosted by Bold eZines and it is going to be a party to remember!

There are 29 blogs participating and each is offering a prize with a minimum value of $20! There are several with prizes worth $50 and over and one is listing the value of the prize as $600!!

I am offering a prize worth $20. You can choose either an electronic Amazon gift card or $20 through Paypal. So if you can accept and use either of those you are eligible to enter.

You may enter my giveaway on the Rafflecopter form below.  If the form isn’t showing please refresh the page.

Once you have entered here hop on over to Colorcrazed for the list of  participating blogs and enter to win even more prizes.

(EDIT- I’m sorry I’m late with this folks. I messed up the scheduled post time. I’m pretty sure I know what I did wrong…and won’t do that again! )

September Blog Events

September Blog Events

There are four more events coming up in September. I hadn’t realized that there were that many.  I’m thinking that is TOO many. Just because it is getting hard to keep up with them. I think maybe two a month should be enough…what do you think? Do you participate in events? How many do you do? How do you keep up with them? Any suggestions will be welcome!

Anyway in just two days we have the Palooza! Two days folks! Get ready! It should be a fun hop. Lots of really good prizes will be available on the participating blogs. The minimum prize value will be $20 and several of them are offering prizes much higher in value.






Then we have the Rafflecopter Round Up starting September 21st. It is hosted by Simply Stacie and Makobi Scribe. The minimum prize value on that one will be $25. This one should be a lot of fun too.
Rafflecopter Round Up Giveaway

Then on the 23rd of September there is the Follow Frenzy hosted by Tales From The Nursery and Formula Mom.





And last but definitely not least there is the Banned Books Hop from September 24th to October 1st.  This one is hosted by I Am A Reader Not A Writer and will of course be a giveaway featuring books. Banned Books in fact. Or gift cards to buy books. It should be a fun hop too.

These are just the ones I’m participating in. There a few more out there if you are looking for some good giveaways to enter. Simply Stacie has a directory of Blog Giveaway Events. She has a good list already and it is growing. If you have an event coming up you can add it to her list too.

Remember  to come back and enter all these giveaways! And please let other folks know about them by sharing my post! Thanks!

Mindfulness And The Art Of Choice Giveaway

I’m giving away my copy of Mindfulness And The Art Of Choice by Dr. Karen H. Sherman, Phd. It is lightly used. I read it through once and went back over some of the exercises too but it is in excellent condition. This is a paperback copy.  It is autographed as well.

I wouldn’t be getting rid of it but I need more room! All my shelves are full and I have books sitting on my desk where they are in the way. I will be posting a few more giveaways in the next few weeks too. I have way too many books at the moment.

If you need more information about this book go read the book review I did a few weeks back.  I’m using rafflecopter for this because it is so easy. If for some reason you can’t see the form please refresh.

I have also had issues with my GFC lately. If it doesn’t show in the browser you are using it might show up in a different one.

Something Inside Of Me By Chitoka Webb Review And Giveaway

Something Inside Of Me By Chitoka Webb Review And Giveaway

Something Inside of Me: How to Hang On To Heaven When You’re Going Through Hell by Chitoka Webb is a very inspiring book. It tells the story of a woman who grew up in the housing projects in Nashville. Who didn’t get to graduate with her high school class because of being half a credit short. Who has battled a vicious disease that almost blinded her. And still came out on top!

She got her first job at the age of 13 and hasn’t stopped since. She has a state of the art barber shop and two health care companies of her own. She also started a foundation that supports community service projects and is also a successful motivational speaker.

In this book she tells stories about growing up. How she got her great faith and wisdom.  How she became a CEO of several companies. And how she overcame the loss of her vision. It is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always inspiring.

I recommend this book to everyone. But especially to anyone who believes that you can’t get ahead in America these days.  Chitoka Webb has proven that you can go from the poverty of the projects to owning profitable businesses.

You can find out more about Chitoka Webb on her website. She is also on Twitter and Facebook.

I was provided two copies of the book for this review. One to review and one to giveaway. I’m going to give away both copies. The first winner will get the brand new unread book. The second winner will get the book that I read for the review. I didn’t hurt it! It is still in excellent condition. You can enter on the rafflecopter form below. If the form isn’t showing please refresh the page.

The Social Picnic $500 and Tablet Giveaway(closed)

The Social Picnic $500 and Tablet Giveaway(closed)

The Social Picnic event is finally here, hosted by This Lil Piglet and Family Approve. To enter the giveaway, the Rafflecopter giveaway form will be located on participating blogs September 1- 12:01 AM EST – 8th 12:01 AM EST

Enter to win…


$500 Cash via PayPal

Next6 Android Tablet

If you like reading books, browse the internet, listen to music, view your favorite photo albums or videos, Next6 is your new best friend. Its sleek design, touch screen feature, 7 inches color display,and WiFi is nothing short of amazing. As an added bonus, Next6 also comes with 25 free preloaded books. With one touch, you can open your favorite book and enjoy it anywhere anytime. When fully charged, you can read for up to 10 hours.


Your new Next6 will come with the EBook Store App, so you can download eBooks directly from the web. Its crystal clear capacitive screen is easy to use and gives you crystal clear images especially when playing HD video. If it’s games that you prefer, there are thousands of free 3rd party apps available for you to download. Next6, it is all you need in a tablet!!


Rules and Regulations of the giveaway:

1. Each entry gains you one entry towards the winning prizes

2.The winning entry will be checked to ensure they have complied with their entry. If it is found that the winning entry has not completed the entry requirement, a different winner will be selected.

3.The $500 Cash prize is open Worldwide. The Nexbook Next6 Tablet prize is open to US and Canada residents only. One winner will be chosen and will win ALL prizes. If the chosen winner is located outside the US & Canada, they will win the cash prize only and a second winner will be chosen for the tablet.


Tips: If you’ve never used Rafflecopter before, it’s an easy way to enter giveaway’s. Keep in mind that Rafflecopter is run using Javascript so you must enable javascript on your computer to use. If you are having trouble, try a different browser or make sure you have updated your computer and browser.


Because of the amount of entries for this event, we suggest bookmarking this page and spreading out your entries throughout the course of the event.


Have fun and Good luck!

Read More

Back To The Books Giveaway Hop (closed)

Back To The Books Giveaway Hop (closed)


Thanks to I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, and Buried in Books for hosting this giveaway. It will run from Thursday September 1st to Wednesday Sept. 7th. The winners will be selected and emailed after the giveaway ends.

The Prize : $10 Gift Card (by email) from Amazon or Barnes and Noble (any other bookseller you like if they do email gift cards). Or a Book valued up to $10 from the Book Depository.

If the Book Depository ships free to your address you are eligible to enter!

There are a lot of blogs taking part in this hop so I’m going to keep it simple. I’m using Rafflecopter for this so it should be quick and easy to enter. If it isn’t showing up please refresh the page.

After you enter my giveaway hop along to check out all the other book giveaways!

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