Ring Around The Collar

Remember those commercials? It was for some laundry detergent. I don’t even remember which one, but the ads always showed a woman who was mortified, because her husbands shirts had a “ring around the collar”.

It was years before I even came close to understanding that. I still don’t really get it.

I have never once in my entire life seen anyone go up to another person and check their collar to see if it was clean. I used to wonder if there were places in the world where that actually happened. I figured it had to be a rich people thing.

But then I wondered if those rich people didn’t bath as often, or did really dirty work, because their collars were always getting really dirty, and needed special detergent to clean them.

I think a lot of people must have been thinking something like that. I haven’t seen a commercial like that in years.

Now they have those about the colors. You know the ones that imply that you have to use this “very special” detergent or all your colors will fade, and no one will like you anymore, because you look all drab and dingy.

Which if true, means you been hanging around the wrong people anyway.

AND!! AND! (Just making sure you are paying attention here) once your clothes are drab and dingy you have a most excellent excuse to go shopping!

So why worry about it? Seriously. Why???

Bench my father made out of a log.

Scary Shadows At Night

Picture of the moon at dusk.I woke up in the middle of the night last night, because the chili we had for dinner wasn’t happy about being eaten.

Got up to go get some baking soda.  I was almost to the bedroom door when I saw the shadow on the wall by the closet. It looked like a man. Freaked me out for a second, but I had touched the dog when I got out of bed, and there is no way in this world that those dogs would still be in bed if there was anyone in the house, or even near the house.

Took me a while to figure out what was making those shadows.

Bananas. Yep. Bananas.

I had some bananas hanging on a banana tree on the counter in the kitchen, and the night light was throwing their shadows on the wall in the bedroom. The shadows were just distorted enough to look like a man standing with his arms hanging down, and legs spread.

Reminded me of when I was little. I used to have nightmares and wake up screaming at night. Don’t really remember why but I was convinced there were monsters.

Those banana shadows would have really freaked me out back then.

Not to mention the wall paper in the bathroom of the place I used to live in. I think it was designed to terrify kids. There were all sorts of faces hidden in the design. I thought it was just me seeing them until my husband mentioned being watched while in the bathroom. Good thing no kids ever lived there. I expect that wallpaper was used other places though.

People who design such things need to be more careful. Unless of course they DID do it on purpose. In that case they should be ashamed of themselves, and need a good swift kick in the rear.

I’m glad the dogs were there last night or the whole neighborhood might have gotten woke up at 2 am.

Send Me An Ice Cream Man

Picture of an Ice Cream Truck.When I was little a truck similar to the one in the picture would come by my grandmothers house just about every day. Definitely every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

She lived across the street from the main park in town. The one with the swimming pool and the baseball field and the tennis courts. And of course the playground.

So the Ice Cream Man always had plenty of business there. The neighbor hood around the park had lots of kids too so he probably didn’t have to go too far to sell everything.

I can’t remember if an Ice Cream Truck ever came by my moms house.  There wouldn’t have been as much business there for sure.

The one at the park would get mobbed.  We would wait till it was in front of my grandmothers house and by the time it got to us there would usually be at least 6 kids waiting.

The last time I laid eyes on one of those was a few years back. It was cruising through another park.

Do they even come by peoples houses anymore? Or only go to parks?

I would love to have one of those come by my house here. I want an ice cream bar.

photo credit: srqpix via photopin cc

A Civil War Reenactment Dress And A Faire Dress

The Civil War dress costume is a lovely shade of blue with white edgings.
Civil War Reenactment Costume Ball Dress.

I’m pretty sure the material is satin. It is shiny and soft and feels rich.

The dress is actually three pieces. The skirt, the top, the sash. It is NOT period correct (means not made as dresses were back then). This one has elastic in the arm band and the neckline, and the waist has a draw string so it will fit pretty much anyone that doesn’t have a HUGE bust.  I am pretty big (meaning fat of course) and it fits me.

Since it has all the elastic and the adjustable tie in the waist band it will fit someone small too.

It has beautiful ribbon around the neck, arms, and the bottom of the skirt.

Neckline of the Civil War dress showing the lace lineing.

The ribbon edging the bottom of the civil war dress.

Showing the dress without the sash.This dress is very well made and is like new. It has been tried on a couple of times to show it to family but other than that it has been in a box in my closet for 5 years. I kept meaning to sell it but never got around to it…until now.

You can see some pictures of similar dresses on this search page (there are several made the same way with elastic and drawstrings).

The other dress is Purple Medieval Renaissance Faire dress and is pretty big. I’m not sure but I think it is a 2XL. It was even a bit too big for me back then(haven’t tried it on against since then) but the way it is made if you wear a belt or chain with it it looks good anyway. But probably not good for a smaller woman…unless you can sew and know how to take it in.

Purple Renaissance Fantasy DressIt has chiffon around the neck and the sleeves are chiffon. It is very well made too and is velvet. You can see similar dresses on dress forms here.

It would make me very happy if you share this post. Especially with anyone who might want to buy one (or all three dresses). They need a home with someone who will actually wear them.

Please share. Thank you :)

Anyone Want To Buy A Faire Dress Costume?

I put one up for sale on Ebay today. It is a dress that has been boxed up in my closet for over 5 years now.Fantasy Fairy Gown

Blue Fansaty Dress


It has a headdress wreath that goes with it too.Blue Wreath Headdress.

This is a dress that was going to be my wedding dress.

It is long and pretty and well made but I ended up with a wedding dress more in the civil war style.

This dress and two others that were also in contention for the wedding dress role got put back in their boxes and stuffed in the closet and there they stayed. Till this morning.

I dug them out and tried taking pictures. I don’t really have anywhere to hang them up good or lay them out nicely either so I just put them on a hanger on the bedroom door and/or lay them out on the bed for pictures.

Another picture of the Blue Fairy Gown.

The pictures do not do any of them justice really but I don’t know what else to try. I don’t really want to try putting them on because I’m sure they will end up getting dirty (it has rained every day here and it has been impossible to keep the floors clean with two dogs and two people going out and in).

That is beside the fact that I have gained weight and don’t want to post pictures of myself on here. You can see some pictures of dresses almost exactly like this one from searching Google for “fantasy fairy gown cord“. The first several dresses on that search results page are the same as this one except for color and maybe the material type(not sure what materials are used on them).

I will be putting the others up on Ebay tomorrow or the next day. I would deeply appreciate it if you would share this post. If you know anyone that likes these type of dresses please let them know it is available.

Thank you :)


Ever Seen A Bottle Tree?

I hadn’t either till my grandmother decided to make one.

My Grandmother's Bottle Tree in her back yard.I think it would have been better with a few “branches” but that would have been harder to do.

This was like several of the other decorations she had…she saw one somewhere and wanted to make one of her own.

She did a pretty good job of it. She had all kinds of bottles on there. Some old coke bottles, old whiskey bottles,  weird shaped bottles (triangular), and even a few vases.

It was really pretty when the sunshine was sparkling on it. The bottles did get a bit dirty over time and lost a bit of the sparkle but rain took care of most of that.

I guess that is a pretty good place to put old bottles if they are not going to be recycled.

What do you think?

A Flower Bed

Picture of a baby bed made into a Flower BedMy grandmother did this. She saw one somewhere and had to have one of her own.

This is the second one. The first was made with an old metal bed frame. This one is a baby bed.

She had flowers in them and they were really pretty.

That one got taken up again later and was given to someone who actually needed a baby bed.

My grandmother loved outdoor decorations. Especially if they were a bit odd.

I miss her.

More Wagon Wheel Decorations

I finally got out and took some pictures of the other wagon wheels we have out in our yard.

Picture of a red wagon wheel on our barn.This is the same wagon wheel as the one in the picture I posted on my Old Wagon Wheel post a couple of weeks ago. In the old picture it was on a post in the back yard with trees and flowers growing up around/on it.

My dad took it and put it up over the door of his barn a few years ago. You can’t see the chains that are holding it up in this picture. He used some pulleys and hoisted it up pretty easy. It looks nice.

We have several other wagon wheels around the house.

There are two down at the end of the driveway.

Wagon wheels holding the house numbers.My dad made the baskets out of landscape timbers and the signs with the numbers he made. The baskets have flowers planted in them.

A wagon wheel in a flower bed.This one is on the edge of one of moms flower beds beside the driveway.

An old wagon wheel on our gate.This is the old one that is falling apart. It has been on our fence since the fence was put up(I think). Not sure how long that has been…more than 8 years for sure.

I wouldn’t mind having a few more. Any kind of wheels really. Maybe get a bunch of small ones for edging the sidewalk.

What do you think? Do you have any wagon wheels in your yard?

Old Wagon Wheel Makes A Great Decoration

IMG_0161I’m not sure where she found it but my mom has had this wagon wheel for a long time.

She painted it red and it was on that pole in the yard for a while.

I’m not sure why it got moved but when my dad bought the land next door and build his “barn” on it he took this wagon wheel and chained it up over the door of the building.

I’ll try to get out there and take a picture of it. I’m not even gonna try while there is ice on the ground. That hill is slippery. I have no desire to fall on my butt and slide all the way down the hill.

Mainly because I’m not sure I could get back up!

We have a couple other old wagon wheels around here too…but the wood part of those is rotted and falling apart. This one only lasted because she painted it good I think.

It is pretty. What do you think?

Old Wash Tubs And Driftwood

Picture of some old wash tubs and a piece of driftwood.Those belonged to my grandmother. She always had a round wash tub as long as I can remember.

When I was little it was used for putting stuff in out of the garden. Corn especially. Also for washing tomatoes and stuff before canning. Green beans before they were hulled.

I remember sitting outside with a big wash tub full of beans and everyone had a bowl to put the snapped beans or peas in. There was usually a whole group of people and they had a ball talking and teasing while getting the beans ready for canning.

I don’t know where she got the square ones. I know she wanted them cause she said they were like ones her grandma (I think…might have been her momma) had used when she was little.

We painted them and used them for holding drinks for my outdoor wedding a few years back.

We still have them. They could be used as planters or something now. We will do something with them eventually.

I have no idea where she got the driftwood. She liked it because it was shaped like a man. We still have it too.

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