Spywareblaster by Javacool Softeware

SpywareBlaster has been around for a long time. Their website at Javacool Software says since 2002.  I had thought it was older than that. I first found it years ago on one of the forums where security geeks hang out. The forum is Wilder Security Forums and Spywareblaster support forum is there.

I like this program because it blocks bad stuff from being downloaded onto your computer. At least if you are using one of the more popular browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox. It works on a few other browsers as well. Chrome is not on the list yet though.

It won’t block every kind of malware but only known malware that uses the browser to install. It can also block tracking cookies.  It can keep dangerous websites from doing  damage (or at least as much damage).

I like that it doesn’t have to run all the time. You turn it on to update it (regularly!). After updating you just set the protections and then turn it off. It doesn’t take up system resources and it works very well with anti virus programs and other security programs.

The best part is it is free! Yep absolutely free. For home and educational use anyway. For a business they offer a couple of different options.  I think it is worth it but each business will have to evaluate that for themselves.

How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Ebook

How to Move From Blogger to WordPress Ebook

How to move from Blogger to WordPress is a Pdf book. You can download it and read it pretty quick. It has instructions for every step of the move from Blogger to WordPress. It starts with getting your own domain name and ends with your new WordPress blog all set up.

how to move from Blogger to WordPress

This is what I used for my move. I got a copy and read it. Then I read it again. Then of course…I read it again! I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing and had all my duckies lined up. I was scared out of my mind pretty much actually. I figured that no matter how well written the directions were and how closely I followed them…something was gonna go all pear shaped.

Since you are reading this post you know things went pretty well. I did have some trouble finding some of the files she talked about. But that was just from looking in the wrong place at first. I should have spent more time looking around the hosting dashboard and seeing where everything was before I started. So if you are doing this…make sure you know the neighborhood before you start moving stuff!

I followed directions and everything went pretty well. I did have to do the import a couple of times because it didn’t get them all. Then it got stuck and when I restarted it ended up doubling everything. So I had to go to the files and delete the content and start over. That was frustrating but it did work out the second time. I have no idea what the problem was either.

In any case I survived. My blog survived. With some changes. I didn’t even try to move the design. I have been told that you can do that. I wouldn’t want to try it myself though. You can hire folks to do that for you. Blogelina has a team of folks that do complete Blogger to WordPress transfers. That would be a lot easier. It does cost money though. She also has classes on how to build a better blog. You can learn a lot by taking those. I did. I’m still learning from them.

Disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate links. I would make some money if you used my links and bought something. I have used the eBook but not the Blogelina transfer service. From being in her classes I do know that Blogelina knows a heck of a lot about blogging. If you can afford it that would be a great alternative to doing it yourself.


Hampton Inn on Gratiot Ave. in Roseville, Michigan

The Hampton Inn on Gratiot Avenue in Roseville, Michigan is a wonderful place to stay. We only stayed there one night and didn’t get to use all the amenities. They have a gym and a swimming pool that we didn’t get to use. I wish we had been able to stay an extra day. Next time maybe.

We got there late in the evening as well and they didn’t have any rooms with single beds left, so we had a room with two huge beds. We only used one of them but it was nice to have two…just in case. Each bed had 4 pillows! 4! I really really liked that.

The info sheet they leave in the room said that was so you could pick the firmness you liked best. The pillows ranged from really soft to really firm. I liked the middling firm one myself. My husband goes more for soft. So we were both happy. The duvet on the bed was really nice too. You can actually buy those! They are pretty expensive but really nice. You can see them on the Hampton Collection site.

The room had a big flat screen TV which my husband really liked. It also had a microwave and a small refrigerator which we didn’t use. It had internet access as well. If we had a laptop we could have gotten online and done our emails from the hotel!

My husband was excited to get a newspaper the next morning. He wasn’t aware that was part of the package. They also had a breakfast in their lobby. The coffee was really good. The food was ok but not great. They had some small cheese omelets and sausage. They also offered breads of different kinds and fruit.  They people working there were very nice.

This was the first time in almost 20 years that I have stayed in a hotel. It was much nicer than I expected. I enjoyed it very much and would not at all mind doing it again!

Win Patrol by BillP Studios

Win Patrol by BillP Studios is a wonderful program. It is also free! You can set it to run automatically when windows starts. It doesn’t use very many resources. Most of the time you won’t even know it is there.

What does it do? The first time it is run it will take a snapshot of your system. Then it runs in the background and will let you know if some program tries to change something on your system. The icon is a little dog named Scotty. He barks to let you know something is wrong. There is also a pop up which tells you what is being changed and what program is doing it. You can allow it or not.

This is a good program to have if you do a lot of web surfing. Or if you download a lot of programs to try. Some websites will try to download programs without asking permission. Some of those programs try to change things on your computer. Scotty can block most of those.

The program also can show you all the active processes on your system. You can click the process name and the program will pop up with information about that process. The program also allows you to shut down a process by clicking a button.

I like being able to find information about programs easily. I also like being able to keep programs from changing my computer. Especially the sneaky ones…If they have to be sneaky they are probably not good. You can download the program here.

Little Giant Poultry Waterer Review

We bought a 3 gallon poultry waterer a while back. It is made of thick heavy plastic. They do make metal ones but this is not as heavy. The metal will rust eventually too. That is just an excuse though…I didn’t want to have to carry that heavy thing around.

I posted about the waterer at the time because of problems with the lid. The instructions say to tighten the lid down but not TOO tight. Apparently the threads would get bent or something if you tighten it too much. I could not tell if it was too tight or not tight enough but the water kept just running out of it.

I did some reading up on it and found a post online where they same problem occurred. The fellow posted that the rubber gasket around the rim wasn’t quite sealing completely. The solution was to rub the sucker with Vaseline. Apparently air can get through tiny little holes. The Vaseline seals those. Which creates a vacuum when you close the lid and keeps the water from just running out.

So we have had this thing for a couple of months now. It has been working really well. There are currently 13 full grown chickens and 3 chicks out there. The water will last for up to 5 days. Of course it is getting hot now. The last two days the temperature was up to 100 degrees here. That means the chickens will be drinking more and some of the water will evaporate. So it will have to be filled more often.

I really like not having to worry about them having water. Just make sure it is filled every three days or so and all is good. There have also been other birds coming down to drink out of it. Which is pretty neat. The bird bath dries up quick when it is hot. Of course they can’t bathe in it but at least they can get a drink. Other small animals can drink out of it too. This is great to have if you can’t be home for a day or so.

We might get another waterer for the dogs. I got one of their Poultry Feeders a couple of days ago. Hopefully that will work as well as the waterer.

Need a Counseling Session?

A while back I entered a giveaway over on Silver And Grace. She was giving away one of her Intuitive Mentoring sessions.  What happened was that I did what she called a “brain dump”. I just wrote down everything that entered my head regarding recent problems in my family and life.

I sent this brain dump to her. It wasn’t formatted or in proper grammar nor was the spelling correct. When you do this you are not supposed to pay attention to editing at all. Just get the thoughts out there.

She went through all that crap. Sifted it and made it pretty and picked out the main points. She figured out what was really bugging me. She pointed this out to me. She told me that there was nothing at all wrong with what I was feeling. She also pointed out how the other members of my family were likely feeling though…which I had overlooked being so close to the issue.

This mentoring/counseling session was very helpful. It helped clarify things for me. You might want to try it if/when you run into a problem in your life that is really upsetting you. Just talking with someone outside the problem and getting all the thoughts down on paper can help. You should check out the different options at Silver and Grace.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier Review

I won a Crane Cool Mist Humidifier from A Mom’s Take just before Christmas and used it a lot over the winter. I was just finally getting around to packing up a lot of stuff for the summer and this is one of them. It is going in my closet where I can get at it just in case we do need it over the summer.


This little humidifier puts out some mist! It has a control on it so you can choose just how much output you want. I really liked that. I usually left it on low but sometimes I did turn it up. It holds a gallon of water at one time so it lasts a long time before you have to refill it. It also fit in my sink easily which I really liked. The old humidifier we had needed to be tilted and got dropped a few times.


This Crane Humidifier also has an auto shut off. It will shut itself off if it runs out of water. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting to fill it up or turn it off. I really like that as I do tend to get busy and forget about things like that.


The absolute best thing about them though is how cute they are! I got an elephant and it is so cute. My husband actually liked it too. And you know kids love it! They have several different animal designs and some “normal” designs for those who don’t care for cute.


It worked really well and didn’t bother my husband. He said it was really quiet. I don’t expect to need to buy another one for a while as that one is still in excellent working condition…but when I do…I will get another one of these. The duck probably.

Need Some New Jewelry?

Need Some New Jewelry?

If you need some new unique jewelry, perhaps for Mothers Day,(its not too late!) or for yourself, check out Classic Keepsakes. She has some truly lovely things there. I bought one of these Lilac Crystal Necklaces. I tried to take some pics but they were all blurry.  I can say it looks just as lovely as in the picture here.


There are also several butterfly items. Rings as well as necklaces. I like this one.



There are items in all different colors. It doesn’t show in the picture but the chain also has some little beads near the clasp. It is really nice.


It came in a box with a ribbon around it. It looked really nice. I am very happy with it and will be wearing it out to dinner soon. I’m thinking maybe a brooch to match?

Shaklee’s Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate Review and Giveaway(closed)

Shaklee’s Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate Review and Giveaway(closed)

 Basic H2® Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

Use on any washable surface – indoors or out 

  • Walls, Windows and Mirrors, Counter tops, Floors, Appliances, Stoves, Sealed Woodwork, Pots and Pans, Furniture

Clean Credentials 

  • Nontoxic
  • Natural
  • Doubly concentrated
  • Biodegradable Surfactants

Sarah from Three Boys provided me a sample to review. The sample I received makes up two 16oz bottles of cleaner. One of window/glass cleaner and one all purpose cleaner. I used this all over the house. The kitchen floor, the hood over the stove, the stove top, the front of the stove, the washing machine, the outside of the front door, the TV cabinet, and various glass items including the bathroom mirrors and the front screen door glass.
I really liked this cleaner. I used it for about 45 minutes to an hour straight and didn’t get a headache!! It didn’t make me itch either. Most cleaners such as 409 and fantastic will cause a stuffed up nose and headache if I’m exposed to them too long. Many soaps will cause itching as I am mildly allergic. That is one reason I don’t really care too much for cleaning. I’m not saying that my house is going to become the cleanest in the world now…but not getting a headache every time is bound to improve matters.

Here are a few pictures:

That hood hadn’t been cleaned in a couple of weeks as you can see. It is clean now! The cleaner worked just as well as 409 ever did.

Thats the floor in front of the doggie door. It has rained a lot here lately and the floor gets really dirty there.

The cleaner worked on that too! It looked pretty good for about 30 minutes…now there are little paw prints on the floor again. It was nice while it lasted and I do have a little bit of cleaner left for when it dries up out there.


The front of the dryer. I have no idea what was those streaks were. It didn’t look good though.

It looked much better after I cleaned!

I am not sure but I think this is left over from a sticker that used to be on the front window.

You can’t hardly tell it was ever there now.

I tried to take pictures of the glass surfaces but none of them turned out well. Either they were too blurry to tell anything or it just showed reflections and not the dirt. I did use the glass cleaner on several mirrors, some picture frames I had gotten at flea markets, and the TV stand. It worked just as well on those.

This comes in a concentrate that you mix with water. The cost comparison sheet shows it costs about 22 cents per gallan. That is a pretty good deal especially when you compare to 409 which costs more than 8 dollars a gallon.

There is an Earth Day Special right now also.  Free membership with $30 order at members price plus a Three Boys Special.

Sarah is giving 5 of my readers a sample like one I received. It will make two 16 oz bottles of cleaner. One for windows/glass and one of all purpose cleaner. So if you would like to try this now is your chance!

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Firefox 4.0

I updated to Firefox 4.0 the other day. I’m really liking it. It looks a lot neater. The tabs are at the top. The menu items are on the main button. The home button has moved to the other end. Getting used to where everything is was the only problem and that didn’t take too long. They claim it is faster. It does seem to be. I have been having problems with my cable but once it connects to a site the sites do load faster than they used to. It is definitely worth a try if you don’t already have it.

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