A Mother Who Reads Is A Wonderful Thing

  My mom was a reader long before I came along. At least I can’t remember a time when she didn’t have something she was reading. She taught me to read before I started school.  And she read to me every night when I was little. Sometimes the same thing over and over….The City Mouse … Read More

Tomato Gravy For Breakfast

When I was little we often had tomato gravy for breakfast. I loved it. I still love it. We had it with biscuits and scrambled eggs. I think it was my great grandmother that introduced tomato gravy into the family. I’m not really sure because I remember having that from when I was really young. … Read More

Books You Can ReRead For Years

Most of my all time favorite books are books that you can reread multiple times. They are just as good the second time…or the tenth. Some are even better on reread because you get more out of them the second time…and the third…and every other time you see something you didn’t notice before. The Little … Read More

That Rebate Sure Went Fast

We did get a small refund on our State taxes this year. It has already come in and been spent. We got my hubby a couple of  McDavid wrist supports and a couple of books about small engine repair. One for really small engines (weed-whackers) and one for larger engines (lawn mowers). The Federal tax … Read More

Practicing Procrastination

I love to procrastinate. Especially if it involves dusting or dish washing. That is mostly laziness right there. Other procrastination involves boredom…or fear. Sometimes I’ll have a book review and it turns out that the book was harder to get into than I expected or wasn’t quite what I thought it would be…and then I … Read More

Heralds Of Spring In Northeast Arkansas

Heralds Of Spring In Northeast Arkansas

Right now it is pretty hard to believe it is actually spring. It snowed here this past week and it has been cold outside. There are a few things that indicate spring is here though. The Corkscrew Willow started putting out leaves a few days ago! It will be fully dressed for summer before long. … Read More

It’s Never Too Late

It’s Never Too Late

Not too long ago I ran across a quotation that really inspired me. It was “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” by George Elliot. I have no idea why that resonated with me so much. Maybe because my hubby has been talking lately about things he didn’t do. I … Read More

Dealing With The Winter Blahs

Dealing With The Winter Blahs

Many days lately have been dark, cloudy, and gloomy. Like this picture. And not only that it is cold! Which means you can’t stay outside long even if you wanted to be out in the gloom. But inside isn’t much better. My whole family is starting to get stir crazy. Of course the daffodils do … Read More

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