Mother’s Day Blessings

The Bible says that children are a blessing.

So all you moms are already blessed, even if it is hard to remember, when the dirty clothes are piling up, everyone wants something different to eat, homework needs to be done, no one wants to go to bed on time, and hubby is upset cause you are too tired to pay attention to him.

Mother’s Day is when everyone is supposed to make a special effort to remember that Moms are also a blessing. After all without her you wouldn’t exist. And if you are still alive, she managed to raise you without killing you, so far.

I call that a major accomplishment myself. So we make mom breakfast, and/or give her gifts (or at least a hug) on this day, just to show we appreciate all she has done for us.

I have this cup for my mom:

Best Mom Ever Cup

Because she is the Best Mom Ever.

I also have this necklace:

IDGirl Statement Necklace

It sparkles in the sunshine. I think she will like it. Probably won’t wear it very often because she doesn’t get dressed up very often anymore, but that is besides the point.

It is something different, and unusual, and pretty. Special. Like her.

What are you doing for Mother’s Day?

Squirmishing Sounds Fun

I’m just saying.

I don’t understand why everyone got their undies all wadded up over the word.  I thought it was funny. I got a picture in my head of all those big bad fighter dudes all armored up, carrying those big guns, and just squirming around all over the place squishing things. What things, I have no idea…

Anyway squirmishing sounds like way too much fun. Not something you should be doing in a war.

So if they are doing any of that over there, we need to put a stop to it.  After all they could do that here, and it would cost a whole lot less.

And yes, I have taken it out of context.

I will say that if I’m gonna be forced to watch all that political stuff on the news, over and over, and over and over, at least it is nice to hear something funny, once in a while.

What would be really fun is to throw all the politicians into a big arena and have them fight it out. Last one standing wins.

The best thing about it is we would have a lot fewer of them afterward.

Huge plus.

Comfort is Relative

Red Pandas Asleep in a TreeThese red pandas look really comfortable. I would not find a tree all that comfortable to sleep in though. Not unless it had a tree house in it anyway.

People here in the US tend to think you need a lot to be comfortable. I expect many people in Africa and India would think some of the “poor” folks here were extremely comfortable.

But if you ask those same “poor” folk they would say they are not.

Many of the people I know seem to think you need cell phones and TVs and computers to be comfortable these days.

Or swimming pools and large beds and carpets.

Other people consider having a blanket or quilt the ultimate in comfort.

It all depends on where you are how you look at things.

My father in law passed away yesterday after being in the hospital for several days. They tried to treat him with antibiotics but it did not help. So they went to what they call “comfort care”. Which is mainly just keeping him comfortable and as free of pain as possible.

We stayed up there with him for most of each day and I have to say that I am extremely grateful for my comfortable bed after trying to sleep in the recliners at the hospital. Picture of a person sleeping on the concrete.But those recliners are much better than sleeping on the concrete.

It didn’t really seem to me that my father in law was all that comfortable but he had a place to go where they could and would take care of him (keep him clean), give him pain medication, and let his family stay with him. That is much more than many people have.

Count your blessings. Comfort is relative.

photo credit: Furryscaly via photopin cc

photo credit: juicyrai via photopin cc

Bioavailability Is Unpredictable

Picture of a bunch of pills.Bioavailability is the degree and rate at which a substance is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of physiological activity(Mirriam Webster definition).

Basically that means…how much of it can your body actually use?

The problem is that bioavailability will vary for every person. Not only that but each type of medicine you take will be different too.

There are some medicines and vitamins that claim a certain percentage will be absorbed…but that is highly unlikely to be accurate because every person that takes it will react differently.

Some folks (like me) can’t take full dosages of some medications because their bodies react more than usual. A full dose of some cold medications will make me feel dopey(and probably act that way too).

Not only is each persons body different but some people have a tendency not to follow directions. And that can make a huge difference too.

Some medications need fats to be taken with them so they get absorbed…some need other things. That is one reason why many pills require you to take them before or during meals.

Some need to be taken at a certain time such as before bedtime…so they are more likely to actually get absorbed and do some good.

Now some vitamins are made with other things (chelated) to improve the absorption but even so they can’t really say for sure that every singly person will get a definite amount.

There are some vitamins and supplements that have been extensively tested so it is known how much benefit most people will get out of them.

You have to read the information carefully though…sometimes it isn’t easy to tell if it a supplement has been tested or if the company is just trying to sell more.

So you have to be very careful when reading the labels and other information..

photo credit: RambergMediaImages via photopin cc

Abandoned Is An Ugly Word

Merriam-Webster definition:


aban·doned adjective \ə-ˈban-dənd\

: left without needed protection or care

: left by the owner

: no longer held or thought of : given up

Full Definition of ABANDONED:

1: wholly free from restraint

2: given up : forsaken


Ugly it is.

Picture of an abandoned room.

And sad too.

Picture of an abandoned and starving dog.

It doesn’t really matter what you are talking about…rooms, buildings, animals, or children. Marriages and families…hopes and dreams.

It is sad to see something abandoned.

It is particularly bad when it is a living thing though. Especially pets and children. They are so trusting and just do not understand why they have been discarded like old clothes or trash.

They may not realize it but the people doing the abandoning are damaging themselves just as much. It will come back to haunt them eventually. Especially if they abandoned their families.

That seems to be happening more and more these days too. I guess folks think that once they are divorced the kids are no longer their problem.


Abandoned dreams are sad too. Especially those where people think they are too old. People in their 90s are going back to school and getting college degrees. People in their 70s and 80s are entering marathons and doing lots of other things you would think that only young folks could do.

It is never too late for a dream. It might have to be modified a bit…after all it is unlikely that a 50 year old (or older) is going to win a gold medal in the Olympics (at least not for something that requires great physical ability) but there might be other ways to make a dream of being an athlete come true.

Don’t just give up.

And please don’t abandon any living thing. Except of course for toxic people…they may deserve it. Maybe.

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photo credit: AmazonCARES via photopin cc

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