Stray Dogs Or Possibly Abandoned

A couple of dogs showed up in my neighborhood (near Walcott, Arkansas) the day before yesterday. My neighbor across the street came over yesterday to find out if we knew anything about them.

One looks to be part dachshund and as you can see in this picture he looks almost starved. He is a pretty dog and very friendly. He has a swelling on his side that might be a tumor but he doesn’t seem to be in any pain.

Stray or abandoned part dashund.
The other dog has sort of wire hair terrier look to him. He has cateract in his right eye and looks to be blind in that eye. He is also friendly and these dogs seem to be companions and stick together.

001It is possible they just got out of a yard somewhere and someone is looking for them. I hope that is what happened. I posted their pictures on Facebook and I would appreciate if you all would share them so we can either find their people or get them some new people. Definitely share with any rescue organization that might be able to help these dogs.

We have four dogs already and just can’t take any more. Especially if they might need veterinary care.

They would make great companions for some lucky person though. You maybe?

Please share so we can find them a home.  Thank you!

Dirk’s Fund Golden Retriever Rescue

Dirk’s Fund Golden Retriever Rescue

Dirk's Fund Golden Retriever RescueDirk’s Fund Golden Retriever Rescue is a no-kill organization located near St. Louis, Missouri. They rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for homeless dogs of all ages. The dogs are not all full blooded Golden Retrievers either. They have taken in other breeds.

They are run completely by volunteers. They have no payroll at all. Everything from cleaning up poop to cleaning the dogs is either done by volunteers or paid for from donations.

And it does take a lot to take care of dogs. They need shelter, food, water,  vaccinations, heart worm preventative, at minimum.  Beds, blankets, toys, and pools to play with/in are also nice to have. Most of all they need love.

I became acquainted with Dirk’s Fund when someone dumped a male dog out in the cemetery next to my house. I contacted our local shelter to see if they could find a home for him. Dirk’s Fund had room at the time and one of their volunteers drove two hours to pick up the dog. And they found a home for him within a few weeks.

If you are in the St. Luis area and would like to volunteer they have a web page with information for volunteers. Or you can make a monetary donation online if you would like to do that.

They have some interesting fund raisers coming up too.

The first one is on August 25, 2012 from 11 am to 5:30 pm and includes a buffet and music. This is for you and your pet! And if you don’t have a pet you can find one here if you want. Click on the picture for pricing and more information.

Dog Days Of Summer At The WineryThen on September 4th you can take your dog for a swim at the annual K9 splash.

There are several mobile adoption events too and an open house which includes treats for humans and your four legged friends(you can bring your dog).

I wish I lived closer. Some of those events sound like lots of fun and it is for a good cause. If you are in the area check them out.

Charity Hopping Around The World Giveaway

Charity Hopping Around The World Giveaway

Charity Hopping Around The World March 30th to April 4th.Welcome to the Charity Hopping Around The World Giveaway Hop!

This hop is hosted by: I Am A Reader, Not A Writer,  Reading Away the Days, and Reading a Little Bit of Everything.

Each blog in this hop is going to be introducing you to one of thier favorite charities and having a giveaway for you to enter too.

There are just over a hundred blogs participating so there are lots of charities to read about as well as some nice prizes to win.

I would like to introduce you to Dirks Fund Golden Retriever Rescue. I became familiar with them a few months ago when a dog was dumped out here by my house.

At least I’m assuming he was dumped…he might have just excaped from somewhere but since dogs get dumped in this area regularly and no one seemed to know where he came from…that seemed to be the best bet.

We could not keep him. We couldn’t afford all the heart worm meds and shots.  And besides that he kept getting out in the road. Which meant he would eventually get hit by a vehicle and badly hurt if not killed.

We called the local shelter which had no room for him either but did put his infomation up on their website. The folks at Dirks Fund saw his picture and offered to take him in and find a home for him.

We did have to drive him part of the way up to the shelter but a volunteer met us halfway. They had him fixed and got his shots and heartworm meds and already found him a home!

These are good people! They are always in need of donations if you would like to do that. They are also in need of all sorts of volunteers if you happen to live close enough(St. Louis, MO area). Please spread the word!

For this hop I’m giving away $10 Paypal cash so everyone can enter. Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Then hop on over to the next blog to read about more great charities and enter more giveaways!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sickness In The House

My Dad just had surgery a few days ago and hasn’t been feeling at all well since then.

I’m not sure if it was the tube in his throat or if he caught some bug but his throat was hurting and he was even wakeing himself up with the snoring. He went back to the doc and they gave him some pills. Apparently the pills make him sick too.

And we don’t even know for sure if the tumers were cancer or not. He may know but he isn’t talking and that is making my mom mad. She is gonna talk to the doc herself next time he goes.

Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. I don’t know if it is what he has/had or not. My mother in law has also been sick and I might have gotten something from her.

I don’t feel up to doing anything at all. You guys are lucky you can just visit me on my blog and not my house…you don’t want to catch what I got for sure.

I need to get well by Wednesday though…we have to take a dog halfway across the state. Some folks from a shelter on the other side of the state are meeting us halfway to pick her up.

They are supposed to be from the  Arkansas Australian Shepherd Rescue group but I haven’t been able to find them online.  Any of you guys ever hear anything about them?

I’m going to get something to eat then I’m going to bed. Hopefully I’ll be back before you guys even miss me.



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