He Came Today By Michelle Simpson Review

Disclosure: I received a free book to review.

Cover of He Came Today by Michelle Simpson.He Came Today by Michelle Simpson is an interesting story. It is similar to the Left Behind books by Tim Lahaye in that it is about what happens after the “Rapture”.

In this book the story follows one particular family and tells how they deal with what happens on the day of the “rapture” and during the time of tribulation that follows.

Even if you don’t believe that there will be a rapture the story is still interesting.  It does offer some background on why many people believe there will be a “rapture” and on what might happen afterward. It also tells you why you might want to be prepared so you won’t have to endure the Tribulations that follow.

One of the theories in this book was new to me. I had no idea that many folks think the United States will be taken out by a nuclear war. I was aware that many believe something has to happen to the United States that keeps it from interfering in any way with the new world power.

I just always figured that congress would just keep ignoring problems until the government toppled over. Either way the United States won’t be a very safe place to live as Michelle Simpson points out in this book.

The only real problem I had with the story was that for some reason it wasn’t formatted correctly on my Kindle. That made it harder to read than it needed to be and I could not figure out how to fix it.

Those of you interested in “end time” events would probably like this book.

About the book:

Many Christians believe that prophecy in the Bible points to a soon-coming day when Jesus Christ will appear in the clouds to “rapture” his faithful followers away in a sudden moment, “in the twinkling of an eye.” So begins the story of a Christian family, much like your own or one you know, who unexpectedly find themselves dealing with the aftermath of the rapture and the reality that some among them have gone “somewhere” while yet others remain in a world never to be the same again.
This fictional portrayal of the way things may occur on a day in the very near future stirs faith in some while arousing concern in others. He Came Today, is a believably moving story of a few ordinary people and their extraordinary struggles in the face of end-time realities suddenly thrust upon them.

About the Author:

Picture of Author Michelle Simpson.Michelle Simpson is an author of Christian books, recently publishing her second book, He Came Today – A rousing rally cry for rapture preparation. Her first book, Adam’s Gift to Eve, published by Protea Publishing Company in 2002, explores the core of the God-intended marriage.

Michelle holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Bowie State University, Bowie, Md. where she graduated in 1991. She currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband, Marcus Simpson, and two daughters, Morgan and Miara.

I received a free book to review. My opinion is as always 100% my own.

Did You Realize That Jesus Was Homeless?

Cover of Gospel Grit by Randy R. Butler.I sort of knew that but until reading Gospel Grit by Randy R. Butler it didn’t really sink in that from the time he started his ministry until his death Jesus was what we modern folks would call a homeless man.

He traveled around from town to town and didn’t stay in one place that he called “home”.

I doubt he really carried a “backpack” but folks must have had something similar back then.

This book takes you along through the Gospels…following Jesus in his journeys and looks at everything Jesus did during that time.

The Author says that following Jesus isn’t just a matter of doing what Jesus said to do…but doing the same things Jesus did…following his example. So we need to know exactly what he did and how he did it.

Reading this can help you see things you didn’t notice before…or didn’t really think about anyway.

It is a good book and was easy to read.

About the book:

What was it like to follow Jesus…Literally? Picture this: a thirty-year-old carpenter exchanges his career for a job that pays nothing for the last three years of His life. As He dodges in and out of crowds teaching, preaching, and healing, He relies on twelve guys to carefully watch what He shows them and listen to what He tells them–so that years later they will remember those special three years and be able to accurately write down their memories with specificity. For us.

In Gospel Grit, Pastor Randy Butler guides us through the Gospels, examining the 729 statements that reflect what Jesus showed and told his disciples. Dr. Butler, in his often humorous and down-to-earth style, fires our imagination to understand what might have taken place around the campfire with Jesus after He made a strong comment, or what might have been discussed while walking down a dust-plagued road outside of Jerusalem. And he challenges us to cultivate the simplicity of trust and obedience in our own following.

Dr. Butler believes these statements in the Gospels are for us today–and we can accept the challenge to become more authentic followers of Him, living the true Gospel Grit.

About the Author:

Promotionsal picture of author Randy R. Butler.Randy R. Butler is also the author of Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant (Deep River Books, 2011) and Forecasting Temptation (Deep River Books, 2012). He holds a BA in religion and an MDiv from Western Evangelical Seminary, along with a DMin from George Fox Evangelical Seminary. For nearly three decades, Dr. Butler has been pastor of Salem Evangelical Church in Keizer, Oregon, where he lives with his wife Joanie. He enjoys riding motorcycles, archery, and politics.

You can find Pastor Butler at his website or on his Facebook page.


I received a free book from Tell Us The Truth Reviews for this review.

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