Going Crazy Wanna Go? Has Gone Blue For Child Abuse Prevention Month

Janet over at Going Crazy Wanna Go? has turned her blog blue this month. Why would she do that you ask? She did it to help spread the word about Child Abuse Prevention Month. She wants to help prevent child abuse and educating people about it is one way of doing that. She is publishing … Read More

MamaNYC – Something For Everyone!

Nicole over at MamaNYC offers something for just about everyone. One of her recent posts was about spring fun activities. Some of her suggestions would be fun anywhere…such as flying a kite, crafting, and gardening. Others wouldn’t work well for country folks like me but if you live in a city then Mini Golf is … Read More

Having Fun With Captain Fussybuckets

Over on Life With Captain Fussybuckets you will find a variety of posts. There are deals and reviews and giveaways. My favorite posts though are the ones about her kids, Captain Fussybuckets and baby D. Anyone with kids will find these posts interesting and sometimes helpful. Even if you don’t have kids they are fun … Read More

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