Going To Visit New York City?

If you are going to be visiting New York City you should first visit the blog Mama Goes BAM. Even if you are just interested in learning more about the city you should check out her blog.

The Mama behind the blog is a woman born in Canada who moved to New Zealand and has recently(2011) moved to New York.

She often posts about her expieriences there. There is one post that I really liked about her finding a really nice apartment in Kensington Bro0klyn. She has also been posting recently about taking her visiting in-laws around the city. She recommends an excellent sea food restaurant for example(no i’m not telling you-go read her post!)

I really like reading about other peoples daily lives. And her daily life is so different from mine that it is really interesting. She makes living in a big city sound like fun and I have only ever lived in small towns.

She does post other things of course. She has reviews and giveaways too.

She also posts about fitness.  She runs in quite a few races and often posts about those and her efforts to get ready for them.

This is one of the blogs to which I have an email subscription. That is how much I like it. It is a good read. Check it out!

Going Crazy Wanna Go? Has Gone Blue For Child Abuse Prevention Month

Janet over at Going Crazy Wanna Go? has turned her blog blue this month.

Why would she do that you ask?

She did it to help spread the word about Child Abuse Prevention Month. She wants to help prevent child abuse and educating people about it is one way of doing that.

She is publishing guest posts from people who were abused as children and writing posts about it herself as well.

Some of those posts are really excellent. If you would like to learn about how child abuse affects the person who was abused, then you should read a few of those posts. You will definitly learn something.

One of the best posts is titled Child Sexual Abuse – Who Is The Real Predator? and will make you think and possibly make you very angry too.

You can also read about verbal abuse and the signs of child abuse and how to break the cycle of abuse.

And the month isn’t over yet! I’m sure there will be a few more really good posts as well. Go read them and spread the word!

Help end child abuse!

MamaNYC – Something For Everyone!

Nicole over at MamaNYC offers something for just about everyone.

One of her recent posts was about spring fun activities. Some of her suggestions would be fun anywhere…such as flying a kite, crafting, and gardening. Others wouldn’t work well for country folks like me but if you live in a city then Mini Golf is a great idea!

Another recent post was about spring beauty tips. She says you need to change from dark and dreary colors to bright and warm colors. That isn’t just make-up either but all your accessories! She has a few tips on applying your make-up to look your best.

She has a weekly social media hop you can sign up on to follow and be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This is a great way to find new and interesting blogs to follow!

MamaNYC always has some great giveaways going on too.  Some of the most recent ones were for hair loss supplements, rubbermaid recycling bins, a target gift card, and a Nintendo DS game.

There are also posts with blogging tips and tutorials for using Twitter and Facebook. Her article about the new Facebook Fan pages covers all the basics of changing over to the new Facebook Timeline on your fan page. This is very helpful!

She also does web design and logo designs and has a special rate for fellow bloggers with nonprofit blogs.

Having Fun With Captain Fussybuckets

Over on Life With Captain Fussybuckets you will find a variety of posts. There are deals and reviews and giveaways. My favorite posts though are the ones about her kids, Captain Fussybuckets and baby D.

Anyone with kids will find these posts interesting and sometimes helpful. Even if you don’t have kids they are fun to read. She has posted about seperation anxiety, the different sleep patterns of her kids, toddler education, and cooking as well as facts about her kids.

She makes you see them as individual people and not just generic kids. I sort of feel like a friend of the family already without ever having actually met them.  I like that.

One of her recent posts included a recipe for making an omlet that kids can actually help with. I’m gonna try this myself even though I don’t have any kids around to help. Because it looks easy and simple and healty too(no grease).

The post is actually about letting kids be messy and have fun. The post also includes information about where you can find more recipes for fun activities for kids and where you can enter a sweepstakes  to win money for a kids party.

I hope she wins. I’m sure she could use a big party. Catered preferably.

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