The Championship Formula by Jack Stark, Ph.D. Review

The Championship Formula by Jack Stark, Ph.D. Review

The Championship Formula: How to Transform Your Team Into a Dynasty is an interesting book. It is not an easy read though. Some of it was easier than other parts of course. The stories he told about his own expierences were easier to read (more interesting?) than the rest.

It could just be that I’m not really in a position to build much of a dynasty myself so the information doesn’t seem to apply to me personally. Then again I might want to build a team to work on this blog sometime…in which case the advice in this book will come in handy.

He talks a lot about why teams – both in sports and in business- fail and how you can make sure your team succeeds.

He says leaders of dynasties have to be honest, caring, resilient, and analytical amonst other things. And that a dynasty needs three different types of leaders to be successful : a thinker, a promoter, and a coordinator. Then of course you need your workers.

What he says makes a lot of sense. If you are wanting to build a team that lasts a long time…read this book.

From the front cover :

Having consulted and mentored leaders of top Fortune 500 companies and numerous sports teams that have gone on to win multiple national championships, author Jack Stark well understands what it takes to build a dynasty—a team that produces consistently extraordinary results and is the dominant entity in its field.

In The Championship Formula, Stark—a clinical psychologist—condenses what he’s learned over his long career into the 4P formula: people + personality + process + purpose = success. Getting these elements in place is the biggest challenge leaders face, and Stark guides you through the processes of both building and maintaining a winning team.

Showing his winning formula at work, Stark will draw you into the inner circles of the championship NASCAR team, for whom he became team psychologist in 2002, and the Nebraska Huskers’ three-championship dynasty of the 1990s. He also gets up close and personal with the consistently successful leadership at Berkshire Hathaway. Written in straightforward, no-nonsense language, The Championship Formula can help any organization consistently achieve extraordinary results.

About the Author :

As a performance psychologist, Jack Stark provides psychological and performance enhancement training to elite athletes at the collegiate, professional, and Olympic levels. He served as the team psychologist (1989–2004) for the University of Nebraska Cornhusker football program. During his tenure Nebraska, won 88 percent of its games, including three national championships, and had the highest winning percentage in the 1990s. For nearly a decade, he’s served as the team psychologist for NASCAR’s premier Hendrick Motorsports Team (winner of five straight national championships). He maintains a practice as a licensed clinical psychologist and has provided assistance to more than 10,000 individuals. He served on the faculty of the Nebraska Medical Center’s departments of psychiatry and pediatrics as a tenured professor of medical psychology.  He is founder and director of Performance Enhancement Group and consults to F-500 executives. He has made more than a thousand presentations on leadership and teamwork. Married forty-one years, the Starks have three children John (deceased), Nick, and Suzy.

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