A Full Life

My life is pretty full right now. I have dogs, chickens, guineas, horses, family, the house, the yard, and lots of books I need to read. My husband does most of the taking care of the horses. The young one is a rescue, and the mini is one my husband got cause my mom wanted … Read More

It’s Either Feast Or Famine Around Here

Remember those cute little bitty chicks from this past spring? There are not so little anymore. I happen to think they are still sort of cute, but a lot bigger for sure. Anyway, the hens had all been laying their eggs either in the box just off the ground, or out in the yard. The … Read More

My Chicks Are All Grown Up Now

Remember the little bitty chicks I got this past spring? They are not little anymore. In the past week they have started laying eggs. I have found the eggs laying out in the yard all over the place. It seems the first time they lay an egg they don’t know what’s going on, and so … Read More

Improving The Chicken Yard

My chickens have always had a separate yard because my dog wants to chase them. They have to be in a fenced in area because there are lots of dogs in the area that would just love to have a chicken dinner. There are also foxes, coyotes, racoons, possums, and who knows what else out … Read More

My Chicks Turned Into Chickens

You never expected that did you? It is just like with puppies, kittens, and babies.  They don’t stay little and cute very long. The time goes by before you know it and you are left wondering what happened. One of my friends son just graduated from High School this year.  Another of my friends is … Read More

Chickens Are Ready For Spring Too

Chickens Are Ready For Spring Too

My chickens are ready for spring too. They are wanting some green grass and bugs to eat. They are getting bored and when that happens they tend to peck at each other more. My husband was out in the coop a few days ago working on the roosts. It was not level and one of … Read More

Don’t Forget To Worm Your Pet

Don’t Forget To Worm Your Pet

One of my chickens got sick recently and apparently one of the possible causes of the problem is worms. Chickens can get the same sorts of worms as dogs and cats and need to be wormed on a regular basis to prevent problems. Worms can prevent the animal from getting the nutrients in the food … Read More

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