Ring Around The Collar

Remember those commercials? It was for some laundry detergent. I don’t even remember which one, but the ads always showed a woman who was mortified, because her husbands shirts had a “ring around the collar”.

It was years before I even came close to understanding that. I still don’t really get it.

I have never once in my entire life seen anyone go up to another person and check their collar to see if it was clean. I used to wonder if there were places in the world where that actually happened. I figured it had to be a rich people thing.

But then I wondered if those rich people didn’t bath as often, or did really dirty work, because their collars were always getting really dirty, and needed special detergent to clean them.

I think a lot of people must have been thinking something like that. I haven’t seen a commercial like that in years.

Now they have those about the colors. You know the ones that imply that you have to use this “very special” detergent or all your colors will fade, and no one will like you anymore, because you look all drab and dingy.

Which if true, means you been hanging around the wrong people anyway.

AND!! AND! (Just making sure you are paying attention here) once your clothes are drab and dingy you have a most excellent excuse to go shopping!

So why worry about it? Seriously. Why???

Bench my father made out of a log.

Reusable Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Reusable Amber Glass Spray Bottles from Firefly.These reusable amber glass spray bottles from Firefly are great to have around the house.

Instead of buying cleaners in those plastic bottles, you can put your cleaners in these bottles and just reuse them. It will help lower the amount of trash going into landfills.

If you make your own environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaners, you will also save a bit of money. A lot of what you pay for commercial cleaners goes for the packaging.

I am using one of the bottles for plain water to spritz on my plants, and occasional squirt at the dogs (when they get into something they shouldn’t).

The other bottle has a mixture of vinegar and lemon oil, and smells really good. Since both of those can be used for cleaning and disinfecting, it gets sprayed in my kitchen mostly.

You can put anything in these bottles. Of course if you want to spray it, it can’t have large particles in it.

Amber Glass Spray BottlesThe bottles are pretty big. Each holds 16 oz, which means you can go longer between refills.

The labels are really neat too. I have some chalk markers that I used to label mine. I love that you can easily erase and change whatever is on the label.

I really like these bottles. I expect to use them for years (barring accidental breakage).

I received a free product to review.

Concentrated Lemon Essential Oil Goes A Long Way

Lift Care Concentrated Lemon Oil.Extra Strength Lemon Oil from Lift Care is very concentrated. They say it is 5x Extra Strength.

All I know is that a little is all it takes. This is a fair sized 4 oz bottle and I have been using it in my kitchen for a few weeks, and I still have more than half of it left.

I have been putting some in my dish washing water, and have a spray bottle with lemon oil and some vinegar for spraying the counters. Both have natural sanitizing properties so it is really good to use in the kitchen.

You can use the lemon oil in homemade soaps too. Or in diffusers. It smells wonderful. A drop in the laundry can make your clothes smell good too.

A couple of drops in a corner can make the whole room smell nice for quite a while.

Lemon Oil is supposed to be good for other things, like cleaning your skin, and even removing stains. Rinsing your hair with it can help with scalp issues, and make your hair smell nice.

Lemon Oil Uses.This graphic from Organic Facts lists a few different uses. I haven’t tried it for anything but cleaning, sanitizing, and making things smell good. I suppose just having it in the air can help if you have asthma.

In any case I like this Lemon Oil.

For more information you can follow Lift Care on Twitter,  Facebook, and Pinterest.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

Clean Ups Are Easy With Microfiber Cloths

VibraWipe Microfiber ClothsThese VibraWipe Microfiber Clothes are really nice. They are extremely soft.

I like just holding them. They would make a really nice kitten blanket (just saying).

They are very absorbent and soak up spills really well, and they work well for drying the stove after it has been cleaned.  They should do a good job on a car or anything else.

I have been using them for drying dishes and they do a great job of that too. They are just big enough for that without being too big to handle easy. The dishes get dried without any spots that way.

I really like that they come in different colors. My favorite colors are the green and yellow, but the others are nice too.

You also get quite a few in a package. There were eight of them in the package I got. Four green, two pink, and two yellow.

My VibraWipe Microfiver Cloths.

These also have rounded corners with really good stitching so they should not come unraveled for a while. I have had mine for a couple of weeks and they are still in good shape. They have been used and washed.

You can buy them on Amazon.com and they come with a 30 day risk-free guarantee.

I received a free product to review.

Fibrite Microfiber Mop

Fibrite Microfiber Mop.This Microfiber Mop from Fibrite has a smaller mop head than other dust mops I have seen.

It picks up dust really good. The floor in my living room looked pretty clean before I even tried this dust mop on it, but it picked up a lot of dust anyway.

My kitchen on the other hand had a lot of stuff (I think the dogs go outside and roll in stuff just so they can come drop it on the floor).

The mop piled that stuff up pretty well too.

The head is removable, and washable, so you can reuse it.

The only real problem I had with this mop was the handle. It is retractable so you can use it short (for dusting stairs, furniture, or whatever) or long for use on the floors. I could not get the handle to stay out all the time. As soon as I got a going good with the mopping the handle would slide back down into the bottom.

I have no idea if that is a problem with the mop or if it was something I did (or didn’t do).

I received a free mop to review.

If You have Iron Cookware, You Need A Linkcloth

Linkcloth Chain Scrubber for Iron Cookware.This little chain scrubber is great for iron cookware.

The title says it is for Cast Iron, but I wouldn’t know the difference between types of iron, and other metals.

I do know that the Linkcloth Chain scrubber worked really well on the old iron skillets my grandmother had.

The one that I have been using to make cornbread in had gotten some build up and the corn bread was sticking every time. I have been told that you should NOT ever use something like steel wool on it. But if you can’t scrub the thing how are you supposed to get the stuck on crap off of it??

My grandmothers iron skillet.I used the linkcloth scrubber on it and all the little pieces of stuck on crap came off.  I ended up with a little pile of crumbly stuff. It might not have all been cornbread either.

I also used the linkcloth on this old metal pot. Not sure what kind of metal it is but the scribber worked just fine.

My grandmothers old metal pot.I have also used it on my corning ware bowls. The instructions say you can use it on stainless steel too.

The Linkcloth Scrubber is made of food grade stainless steel that is all rounded (no sharp edges), and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It is easy to clean too. You can either just wash it with soap and water or stick it in the dishwasher.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Australian Tea Tree Oil Is A Great Multi-Use Cleaner And Disinfectant

Australian Tea Tree Oil from Apothecary Extracts. This Australian Tea Tree Oil from Apothecary Extracts is good stuff.

I had never heard of it before but it sounded interesting so I wanted to try it.

It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties, which makes it great for disinfecting around the house.

You can also use it to treat fungal infections on your skin (feet get those a lot).

The free eBook you get with the Tea Tree Oil lists a whole lot of other uses as well (acne treatments). The eBook also includes some information about scientific research that provides evidence that the Tea Tree Oil really works.

53 Uses For Tea Tree Oil eBook.

The eBook also has information about how Tea Tree Oil is made.  Apothecary Extracts’ website says their Tea Tree Oil “is composed of less than 5 cineole and over 35 terpinen-4-ol which qualifies for Pharmaceutical Grade as established by the Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry Association. It is 100% pure and unadulterated. No fillers, additives, bases or carriers added”.

I used some of the product they sent me as a disinfectant in my kitchen. It seems to work just as well as vinegar (or better). I have no way to tell really.  How do you know if any disinfectant is really working without having some scientists come in and do some tests?

I do know that it gets rid of smells. Better than anything else I have tried. I put some on a napkin and dropped it in the trash can, and after a few minutes the nasty smell from there was gone.

It got rid of the onion smell from my counter too.

The eBook has a recipe for Tea Tree Oil deodorant. I haven’t tried that yet because I didn’t have the rest of the ingredients needed but I’m sure if it deodorizes the kitchen it will deodorize you too.

The eBook also contains lots of other recipes.

If you are looking for a good natural product to use at home, you should try this product.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Organic Handmade Luxury Soaps From Keomi Skincare

Organic Handmade Soaps from Keomi Skincare.

Keomi Skincare sent me a sample of their Organic Handmade Luxury Soaps to try.   The bar I chose was the Green Tea Goddess. What they sent me was a very small, and thin(so thin it broke on first use) little sample bar, not the full size bar.

That little bar packed a punch though. It is the best smelling soap I have ever used. I love the scent of it. It still smells good even after being out in my bathroom for a couple of weeks.

I know you are supposed to actually use the soap, but I would be happy to use that just to put in among my linens to keep them smelling good.

I did actually use the soap a couple of times. It lathers up ok and it did not dry my hands out.

It shouldn’t since it has a blend of vegetable, fruit & seed oils, plus Shea & Cocoa Butter in it. All of those ingredients are supposed to help moisturize your skin.

All of the Keomi soaps are scented with aromatherapy-grade essential oils, which explains the wonderful smell.

These soaps are handmade using the cold process method. They are “Eco-Friendly, No Animal Testing, No Pesticides, No Preservatives, No Petroleum Byproducts“.

You can order your own bar of Keomi Soap, or a Gift Box with 3 bars, or 4 Bars.

Visit the Keomi Website for more information. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Master Manufacturing Clean Green Gloves And Furniture Touch Up Kit

Clean Green Gloves.I love these Clean Green Gloves from Master Manufacturing. They are microfiber gloves and they are great for dusting.

They are really good for items that have a lot of nooks and crannies or smaller items that you need to pick up to dust anyway.

They are not really meant for thick dust. So if you haven’t dusted in weeks and have a really thick layer…these might not do as well. But for regular dusting and touch ups before company…they are great.

You can wash them in your washing machine and reuse them.

Master Manufacturing also makes a great Furniture Touch Up Kit.

Furniture Touch Up Kit from Master Manufacturing.It has some filler sticks and some markers. The filler sticks are for filling in cracks and gauges and the markers are for covering up the spots that don’t match.

All of the furniture we have is old. The newest piece is at least ten years old.  All of it was either inherited or bought at flea markets and most of it has dents and dings and scratches. It needed (needs) touching up.

I have used the touch up kit on several items so far. The old wardrobe in my bedroom (that my great grandmother gave me), the dresser behind the couch in the living room, an end table, and one of my bookshelves.

Corner of a dresser before the touch up.This is the corner of the old dresser before I did the touch up. Corner of the dresser after using the tough up kit.And this is after. I didn’t do the greatest job on that. It was the first time I tried using the kit. It still looks better than it did before.

Bottom of an end table before using touch up kit.This is the bottom of the end table. I’m not sure what happened to it over the years but that whole side of the bottom was mostly scraped off.

Bottom of the end table after using the touch up kit.It looks much better after the touch up. I did use the filler on some spots but most of it was just the marker. There are five different color markers to choose from…going from really dark to light. I might should have used a lighter shade on this. Not sure.Bookshelf before using touch up kit.This is one of my bookshelves. As you can see it had a hole gauged in it. I”m pretty sure that happened the last time we moved.

Bookshelf after the touch up kit.After the touch up you can barely tell where it was. Of course if you look close you can still see the bad spot but it looks a lot better.

This Touch Up Kit is really great for those pieces of furniture you don’t want to completely refinish. Or if you can’t afford to refinish it but still want it to look nice.

For more information visit the Master Manufacturing Company on Facebook. Be sure to “like” them while you are there!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Does Your Car’s Interior Need A FaceLift?

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

It is amazing how you can get used to something and not even notice till something brings it to your attention.

I didn’t think the inside of my car was bad at all. A bit dusty maybe but otherwise good. But when I was offered the chance to try this Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Auto Refreshener No. 4 Leather Conditioner I figured it couldn’t hurt.
Leather Milk promo picture.
After all it offers some UV protection that will help keep the dashboard and seat covers from drying out and getting faded this summer. Besides that my hubby’s old work truck could definitely use the help.

Then when I got the product and went out to look at my car and take some pictures (most of which didn’t turn out good) I noticed that my car wasn’t just a bit dusty…in some spots it was really dirty and the vinyl was already a bit faded and looked really dry in some spots and even had some spots where it looked like it might be starting to get some cracks.

It needed refreshing!

The instructions said to clean with a damp cloth first so I did that.

Then I used the Leather Milk on it. I started with the dashboard because that is the part that other people can see mostly, and the area most in need of refreshing. Even though I cleaned it before using the Auto Refresher this is what the pad looked like after just doing the dashboard:

My Leather Milk and the pad I used.

Looks pretty grungy right? Remember this is after cleaning with a regular wet rag! So the Leather Milk still managed to get more junk off it.

This is the passenger side door before cleaning:

Picture of the car door before being cleaned.

This is after the Auto Refresher :

Car door after Leather Milk application.

The pictures don’t really show it all that well but it looks a lot better. And it feels better when you touch it. The dry faded look is mostly gone (except in the worst spots) and even the cracked areas don’t look as bad. If this product has been used on the car from the beginning then the vinyl might still look almost new.

So it works well but the thing I really really liked most about this product is the smell. I started rubbing it on the dashboard and the smell hit and oh man that is nice! It reminds me of something but I can’t remember what…but it is a happy smell. Maybe something from when I was a kid.

It is made from natural oils and can be used on any leather or vinyl items. So if you have any leather items such coats, jackets, purses, boots, or gloves this will help keep them in great shape.

For more information visit them on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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