Keep The Sweat Out Of Your Eyes With A Suddora Sweatband

Pink Ribbon Sweatband Set from Suddora. I have started to ride a stationary bike every morning the last few months. I don’t always ride hard enough to work up a heavy sweat, but when I do it is nice to have something on to keep it from running into my eyes.

Even if you don’t need them for that they are also nice and warm.  These are thick and fluffy feeling and would be a great way to help keep your wrists warm, when working outside.

If you are shoveling snow you could use them the keep the tops of your gloves closed up so nothing gets in them.  My husband had that problem with his work gloves before.

I like this Pink Ribbon Set from Suddora that I received to review. It is a pretty color and has the pink ribbon on it to show your support of breast cancer research.

My pink ribbon headband from Suddora.I know the picture came out a bit blurry but this was the best of a bad lot. I had to take it myself, and holding the camera still wasn’t easy at all (sorry about that).

Pink Ribbon Wristband from Suddora.

They do have the Pink Ribbon Set in other colors, and they have plain sets in lots of other colors , as well as other products like arm sleeves, and sports bras.

These sweatband sets are made with 80% Cotton, 12% Spandex and 8% Nylon, and are standard sizes.

They offer wholesale prices and free shipping on orders over $50.

Please visit Suddora (and follow them!) on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Fashionable And Edgy Hair Accessories.

Hair accessories from Blunt LA.

Blunt LA makes some really neat Hair Accessories. There are three different designs.

Becky design from Blunt LA.Reba design from Blunt LA.Rebeka design from Blunt LA.I think younger people will really like these.  Especially young folks who like keeping up with all the latest fashions.

They do look nice in your hair.  At least they did look nice in MY hair.

This one is called Reba.

Reba by Blunt LA in my hair.


This one is Rebeka.

Rebeka by Blunt LA in my hair.

They are little bobby pin type clips. My mom said they would make great lapel pins. You can wear them on your shoes, or your purse too. Or just about anywhere you want to wear them.

In fact some folks have been spotted wearing them on the Red Carpet and in magazine articles.

Becky by Blunt LA in my hair.

This one is called Becky.

Becky by Blunt LA in my braid.

It is a larger butterfly clip.

These clips were created by a hairstylist who believes that your hair is just as important as everything else you are wearing.

These accessories seem to be really well made and they are a very pretty shiny gold color.

They should appeal to all the young city folks. Probably all the young country folks too, since they are guns. I expect gun advocates will like them.

This would be one way to carry a gun without getting into any trouble at all.

You can order from the Blunt LA website. You can follow Blunt LA on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr.

Need A Neutral Dress For Fall?

Karina Dresses Neutral Sale.


Wearing colors can always be fun, but sometimes the perfect NEUTRAL can steal the show without you even realizing it’s going to!

This Autumn, Karina Dresses has got the neutral prints locked down in their 2014 Fall collection and Karina Classics Collection. From the perfect black and tan geometric print, to the always classic black and white polka dot, Karina Dresses is your one-stop shop for easy breezy wardrobe staples. Your in luck too, because from 9/23 to 9/24, ALL of the neutral-colored dresses will be marked down from $158 to $99. So, stock up on your neutral-colored wardrobe builders today!

Karina Dresses was founded in 2007, based upon fashion industry veteran, Karina Cousineau’s, vision of creating dresses for every woman. She knew there was a real need for a fashion line that makes every body (and everybody) feel and look great no matter what shape or size. A line that made every woman feel like a Frockstar™.

Handmade in New York from limited edition fabrics, Karina Dresses creates a custom collection that is both classic and fashion-forward. Through a deep dialogue with retailers and direct clients, Karina takes a “slow fashion” approach, patiently nurturing dresses with artisanal attention to fit, fabric and construction.


This post contains affiliate links.

Karina Dresses For Everybody – Even Me

Karina Dresses DRESSES FOR EVERY BODYKarina Dresses are on sale right now.  Only $88…for as long as they last. Which might not be long.

I would love to get a few myself. I want a Penelope.

Actually there are several Karina Dresses I would to have but if I absolutely positively HAD to pick just one…then it would be a Penelope with 3/4 sleeve in silver python. XL of course.

I’m telling you guys this in case one of you would like to buy me one :)

You never know…someone in my family might be looking for the perfect birthday present for me and read this post…and now they know what to get me!

This post does contain affiliate links. If you should happen to buy a dress using my affiliate link I would deeply appreciate it.

Hotter – Britain’s Favorite Comfort Shoes

Hotter Neon shoes.Hotter – Britain’s favorite comfort shoes have come to the US.  You can buy them on the Hotter USA website or calling their UK call center(1-866-378-7811).

I am always on the lookout for comfortable shoes that come in wide sizes. It is really hard to find them in most stores these days.

I have bunions. Very bad bunions. Bunions that hurt. Especially if the shoes are too tight or rub in the wrong spot. So comfortable shoes are very important to me. It is really hard to be nice when your feet hurt.

I wanted to try these Hotter Neon shoes because they are supposed to be super comfortable.

The company claims that :

Every pair of Hotter shoes has secret Comfort Concept® features including:

  • Super soft leathers
  • Lightweight and flexible soles
  • Cushioning at heels, collars and tongues
  • Breathable leathers
  • Wiggle room for toes
  • Fittings including extra wide and half sizes
  • Ladies sizes 5 – 11

My Hotter Neon Shoes.These shoes are really comfortable. I even wore them shopping and they didn’t make my feet hurt. I have worn them out in the yard and around the house mostly but they feel comfortable enough that I could wear them out walking too.

They also look nice. Even on my big feet.

Hotter has a lot of nice shoes on their website.  I would love to try some of their dress shoes.

Hotter Clarissa Heels.

Especially these Clarissa Heels. I think those are so pretty! The heel isn’t very high and they do come in wide. So maybe they wouldn’t hurt my bunions. Hotter Vanessa Heels.

I like the way the straps look on these Vanessa Heels. Of course they have boots and wedges too.

Hotter is Britain’s biggest shoe manufacturer and they offer a 100% Happy Guarantee which means you can return or exchange them within 90 days.

You can find Hotter on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ and of course their website.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

A Civil War Reenactment Dress And A Faire Dress

The Civil War dress costume is a lovely shade of blue with white edgings.
Civil War Reenactment Costume Ball Dress.

I’m pretty sure the material is satin. It is shiny and soft and feels rich.

The dress is actually three pieces. The skirt, the top, the sash. It is NOT period correct (means not made as dresses were back then). This one has elastic in the arm band and the neckline, and the waist has a draw string so it will fit pretty much anyone that doesn’t have a HUGE bust.  I am pretty big (meaning fat of course) and it fits me.

Since it has all the elastic and the adjustable tie in the waist band it will fit someone small too.

It has beautiful ribbon around the neck, arms, and the bottom of the skirt.

Neckline of the Civil War dress showing the lace lineing.

The ribbon edging the bottom of the civil war dress.

Showing the dress without the sash.This dress is very well made and is like new. It has been tried on a couple of times to show it to family but other than that it has been in a box in my closet for 5 years. I kept meaning to sell it but never got around to it…until now.

You can see some pictures of similar dresses on this search page (there are several made the same way with elastic and drawstrings).

The other dress is Purple Medieval Renaissance Faire dress and is pretty big. I’m not sure but I think it is a 2XL. It was even a bit too big for me back then(haven’t tried it on against since then) but the way it is made if you wear a belt or chain with it it looks good anyway. But probably not good for a smaller woman…unless you can sew and know how to take it in.

Purple Renaissance Fantasy DressIt has chiffon around the neck and the sleeves are chiffon. It is very well made too and is velvet. You can see similar dresses on dress forms here.

It would make me very happy if you share this post. Especially with anyone who might want to buy one (or all three dresses). They need a home with someone who will actually wear them.

Please share. Thank you :)

Anyone Want To Buy A Faire Dress Costume?

I put one up for sale on Ebay today. It is a dress that has been boxed up in my closet for over 5 years now.Fantasy Fairy Gown

Blue Fansaty Dress


It has a headdress wreath that goes with it too.Blue Wreath Headdress.

This is a dress that was going to be my wedding dress.

It is long and pretty and well made but I ended up with a wedding dress more in the civil war style.

This dress and two others that were also in contention for the wedding dress role got put back in their boxes and stuffed in the closet and there they stayed. Till this morning.

I dug them out and tried taking pictures. I don’t really have anywhere to hang them up good or lay them out nicely either so I just put them on a hanger on the bedroom door and/or lay them out on the bed for pictures.

Another picture of the Blue Fairy Gown.

The pictures do not do any of them justice really but I don’t know what else to try. I don’t really want to try putting them on because I’m sure they will end up getting dirty (it has rained every day here and it has been impossible to keep the floors clean with two dogs and two people going out and in).

That is beside the fact that I have gained weight and don’t want to post pictures of myself on here. You can see some pictures of dresses almost exactly like this one from searching Google for “fantasy fairy gown cord“. The first several dresses on that search results page are the same as this one except for color and maybe the material type(not sure what materials are used on them).

I will be putting the others up on Ebay tomorrow or the next day. I would deeply appreciate it if you would share this post. If you know anyone that likes these type of dresses please let them know it is available.

Thank you :)


I am a Woman of God® T-Shirt Review

I am a Woman of God Logo.I loved the idea of these t-shirts from the moment I saw them.

The I am a Woman of God® movement aims to use the t-shirts to remind christian women of their value in God.

I think that is an excellent purpose. Many women get so busy with working, housekeeping, child-rearing and all the little things you have to keep up with (taking kids to sports and band practice, keeping their clothes clean, making sure they have all the supplies) to keep your family healthy, happy, and presentable that they forget about God.

It is nice to be reminded that you matter.

These T-shirts are well made and of a nice material too. They come in all different colors. The one I got has short sleeves and is a pinkish purple. I have no idea what the color is called. It is nice anyway.

Picture of my I am a Woman of God T-Shirt.

They also have T-shirts with Job 33:4 on it and some with long sleeves and even hoodies as well as different styles of short sleeved T-shirts.

There is something for everyone including the man in your life! They have a T-shirt that says I am a Man of God for him. These also come in lots of different colors and sizes.

Please visit the I am a Woman of God® website to see all the T-shirts they offer and Please visit and “like” their Facebook page too.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

One Last Hurrah For Summer Giveaway Hop

One Last Hurrah for Summer Giveaway Button.

Summer is coming to a close, but we’re not giving in yet – we’re celebrating One Last Hurrah for Summer with this giveaway hop hosted by Viva Veltoro and So Easy Being Green!

For the next two weeks, enjoy this last hurrah of the season by hopping around to all the bloggers who have come together to offer some great prizes to give away!

Here on Simple Wyrdings you have a chance to win a prize pack from Wearever. They have generously offered to give one of my wonderful U.S. readers a 3-pack of underwear and a 3-pack of socks!

The winner will get to pick which underwear and socks they prefer. Wearever has both Men’s and Women’s incontenance underwear and several different types of diebetic socks.

Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now that you've entered my giveaway, be sure to hop around to all the others in the linky below, including the Grand Prize – you don't want to miss this one, courtesy of Brylane Home!


Click here to enter the Grand Prize.

Viva Veltoro, So Easy Being Green, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the One Last Hurrah for Summer participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

Wearever Diabetic Socks Review

Wearever LogoI never thought much about socks before. They were just things you put on your feet to make your shoes more comfortable or to help keep your feet warm in the winter.

My mom mentioned recently that she has developed an allergy to the elastic in her socks. She has been allergic to other elastics (plastic gloves) for a while but now her legs are breaking out in a rash when she wears socks with elastic in them. She has woken herself up at night scratching the rash.

So socks were sort of on my mind when I received an email from Wearever a company that makes Incontinence underwear and diabetic socks I checked them out and found out they make some socks that do not have any elastic in them!

Cotton socks with no elastic in them.

I don’t remember ever seeing socks without elastic. They must have all been made that way at one time because elastic hasn’t been around for all that long (a couple of centuries) and it took time for them to figure out how to use it.

I asked my mom if she would like to try those socks and she said sure, so I had them send me a pack of Cotton Diabetic Socks by Buster Brown for her and a pack of Diabetic Loose Top Socks by Buster Brown for me. I wanted the loose tops because my legs swell a bit sometimes and other socks tend to be too tight.

My mom loved the cotton socks without the elastic! She is going to wear them out pretty soon and will have to get some more. She says they stay up well even without the elastic so there is no real reason to have elastic in them anyway.

I love the loose top socks. They fit really well and they don’t leave marks on my legs from being too tight. They are comfortable and they seem to be holding up well even though I have worn them pretty much every day since getting them.

In case you are wondering there is more than one pair of socks in a pack! So they have gotten washed a few times too…I haven’t been wearing dirty socks every day. Just some days :p

Check out Wearever on Facebook, Pinterest, and of course their Website (for ordering).

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