Going Barefoot In The Winter

Going Barefoot In The Winter

Picture of bare feet.Is not too smart. If you have any choice anyway.

I made that mistake this morning. My hubby says it is below freezing. I can tell you the ground is cold!

I went out there with no shoes because he was feeding the dogs and one of them was trying to steal the food from the other one. I think she must be stealing from other dogs around here too…she is getting fat.

Anyway I went out to pull her away from the food. I didn’t have be out there very long but in that short time my feet got really cold. It actually hurt.

I haven’t been outside without shoes on in so long it is hard to remember when that was. Kids used to run around barefoot all summer when I was little. Not in the winter though.

And now I’m really SURE those tales about walking a mile to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways were just to make us feel spoiled.

I really feel sorry for any homeless folks out there right now. Especially the ones with no shoes. And those in the north must really be hurting. If it that bad down here in the south the cold up there really bites.

Those of you who can…keep your shoes on! And stay warm.

Sickness In The House

My Dad just had surgery a few days ago and hasn’t been feeling at all well since then.

I’m not sure if it was the tube in his throat or if he caught some bug but his throat was hurting and he was even wakeing himself up with the snoring. He went back to the doc and they gave him some pills. Apparently the pills make him sick too.

And we don’t even know for sure if the tumers were cancer or not. He may know but he isn’t talking and that is making my mom mad. She is gonna talk to the doc herself next time he goes.

Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. I don’t know if it is what he has/had or not. My mother in law has also been sick and I might have gotten something from her.

I don’t feel up to doing anything at all. You guys are lucky you can just visit me on my blog and not my house…you don’t want to catch what I got for sure.

I need to get well by Wednesday though…we have to take a dog halfway across the state. Some folks from a shelter on the other side of the state are meeting us halfway to pick her up.

They are supposed to be from the  Arkansas Australian Shepherd Rescue group but I haven’t been able to find them online.  Any of you guys ever hear anything about them?

I’m going to get something to eat then I’m going to bed. Hopefully I’ll be back before you guys even miss me.



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