Do You Like To Play Solitaire Games?

BVS Solitaire CollectionSolitaire Games are great for those times when you need a distraction that doesn’t take up all your attention.

Like if you are waiting for a phone call, or if you have the app you can play it at the doctors office while waiting.

I can’t really read in situations like that because I tend to get into the book and not pay attention to whats going on around me. So playing cards is a good alternative.

The BVS Solitaire Collection has a LOT of different types of solitaire games. More than 400. Those include Klondike and Spider Solitaire which are the ones I’m most familiar with.

It has Cruel, which is also one of my favorites. I had not been able to find that particular game after I upgraded my computer, and this collection works on Win 7, 8, and 10. It also has a Mac version, and iPhone/iPad/iPod apps.

The only thing I didn’t really care for was the lack of a hint button, but I finally figured out how to get it to show you the next move. That is only for when I’m totally stuck and it is either that or quit, of course.

This is a really nice collection of games. It is a simple program that works. There are a lot of design options. I actually like the default but you can change the background and a few other things.

You can find BVS Solitaire on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software Review and Giveaway (closed)

My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software Review and Giveaway (closed)

My Memories SuiteI have never done scrapbooking before so I was hesitant to accept an offer to review the My Memories Suite digital scrapbooking software. They claimed that it is simple enough for beginners to use but powerful enough for serious scrapbookers.

Since I am definitly a beginner the simple bit would have to be true for me to accomplish anything with it.  I can’t say for sure just how powerful it is because I don’t know enough about scrapbooking. I can say it was simple and easy.

I managed to do two separate projects. One using pictures of my stepson that my hubby will probably like. He might get that for a Christmas present.

I wanted something to post on here too so I made a page with some of my fur babies. My fure babiesI had fun playing with all the different shapes and little decorations you can add.

It took me a bit to actually pick something and stick with it. There were so many different backgrounds and colors and wallpapers to choose from.

And different fonts and text sizes and picture shapes and little bows and bubbles and thingys! I didn’t actually look at every single thing you could put on there…it would have taken a lot longer than I had for this review!

You can use this digital scrapbooking software  for traditional scrapbooking. The pages can be printed out and added to a book. Or you can do a digital scrapbook which can have audio and video as well as pictures. The scrapbooks can be turned into movies to share on DVD or iPod.

This would be a great program for anyone who loves scrapbooking. Or for designing picture displays for your walls. My babies are going to get printed out and put in a frame for my living room wall. Someone really creative could do a lot more with this than what I managed.

I had fun with it though. The only problem I had was figuring out how to make it crop my pictures (most of them were too big to start with). That turned out to be really simple  too-just double click the picture!

Click to buy My Memories Suite. Use code: STMMMS67223 for a $10 discount and a $10 coupon to use in their store.

My Memories is offering one of my followers the opportunity to win a free copy! This is a worldwide giveaway so anyone who can download the program can enter!

Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below. If the form isn’t showing please refresh the page.

I received a free copy of the software for review purposes. No other compensation was given.

Turbine Points For Lord Of The Rings Online Giveaway(closed)

Turbine Points For Lord Of The Rings Online Giveaway(closed)

In honor of the Rise of Isengard expansion I am giving away a gift card for Turbine Points that can be used in the Lord of The Rings Online store. (Picture is blurry- sorry about that- couldn’t get a good angle.)

Turbine points card.

Those of you who don’t play online games probably know someone who does or who would like to try it. If you know a gamer with a birthday coming up this would make a great gift. Anyone who plays The Lord of the Rings Online would love to get this gift card as a present! Just trust me on that. Or ask them lol.

If you haven’t played the Lord the Rings Online then you might want to try it now.  It is downloadable and it is free to play. You don’t even have to have these points to play. The points do make some things easier to get because you can just buy them instead of hunting for them but you don’t actually NEED to buy them.

Some points are earned while playing the game as well. You can make enough points in the game to buy most of the quest packs without spending any money.  And of course you can get these gift cards just about anywhere that sells them including Wal-mart(where I got this one).

If you already have a Lord of the Rings Online account then you will want to enter this one! The gift card has 1600 Turbine Points! That will buy quite a bit. It is more than enough to buy the new raid and is about half the amount you need to buy the expansion quests.

Since the latest info I could find says the expansion will be out on the 27th I’m timing this to end at midnight on the 26th. So the winner might even get the points in time to use them to buy the expansion! Or if you are like me and already pre-ordered so you got all the goodies…you can still use it to buy all the new items or buffs.

This is an actual Gift Card that I bought myself. The winner can either give me their address and I can mail it…or I can email them the code.  If you want it mailed you have to live somewhere it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to mail it to.  That’s it! Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below. If it isn’t showing please refresh the page. If it still isn’t working…email me and let me know!

Secunia Personal Software Inspector Review

Secunia Personal Software Inspector is a really great FREE security tool.  Secunia PSI helps you keep your programs and browser plug-ins updated.  The program scans your computer and lets you know which of your programs or plug-ins have updates available or which are outdated and no longer supported.

Many programs are updated when there is a security vulnerability and if you don’t get that update you are more likely to be attacked by a program exploiting the vulnerability. Anti-virus programs are not usually able to block such attacks so the only way to prevent them is to get the security updates as soon as they come out.

Unless you keep track of exactly what you download and install on your computer, including browser plug-ins, and check the websites of those programs often, you may not be aware that there is an update that needs to be installed. Even if you have your browser set to update on a regular basis…sometimes an update will fail for some reason and you might not be aware of it. You might think you are safe when you really are not. Secunia PSI takes care those problems for you.

You can run it in the background and set it to scan your computer every so often and let you know if anything needs updating. Or you can just have it on your computer and run it on demand. I have mine running in the background because I tend to forget to run it.  You may set it to auto update a particular program as well if you want to. I have mine set to let me know so I can decide if I want to update then or not.

This is a really great program and can help you keep your computer secure if you use it on a regular basis. If you have ever forgotten to get updates or been the victim of an exploit…this program can help keep that from happening again! And remember…it’s FREE!

Spywareblaster by Javacool Softeware

SpywareBlaster has been around for a long time. Their website at Javacool Software says since 2002.  I had thought it was older than that. I first found it years ago on one of the forums where security geeks hang out. The forum is Wilder Security Forums and Spywareblaster support forum is there.

I like this program because it blocks bad stuff from being downloaded onto your computer. At least if you are using one of the more popular browsers including Internet Explorer and Firefox. It works on a few other browsers as well. Chrome is not on the list yet though.

It won’t block every kind of malware but only known malware that uses the browser to install. It can also block tracking cookies.  It can keep dangerous websites from doing  damage (or at least as much damage).

I like that it doesn’t have to run all the time. You turn it on to update it (regularly!). After updating you just set the protections and then turn it off. It doesn’t take up system resources and it works very well with anti virus programs and other security programs.

The best part is it is free! Yep absolutely free. For home and educational use anyway. For a business they offer a couple of different options.  I think it is worth it but each business will have to evaluate that for themselves.

Win Patrol by BillP Studios

Win Patrol by BillP Studios is a wonderful program. It is also free! You can set it to run automatically when windows starts. It doesn’t use very many resources. Most of the time you won’t even know it is there.

What does it do? The first time it is run it will take a snapshot of your system. Then it runs in the background and will let you know if some program tries to change something on your system. The icon is a little dog named Scotty. He barks to let you know something is wrong. There is also a pop up which tells you what is being changed and what program is doing it. You can allow it or not.

This is a good program to have if you do a lot of web surfing. Or if you download a lot of programs to try. Some websites will try to download programs without asking permission. Some of those programs try to change things on your computer. Scotty can block most of those.

The program also can show you all the active processes on your system. You can click the process name and the program will pop up with information about that process. The program also allows you to shut down a process by clicking a button.

I like being able to find information about programs easily. I also like being able to keep programs from changing my computer. Especially the sneaky ones…If they have to be sneaky they are probably not good. You can download the program here.

Firefox 4.0

I updated to Firefox 4.0 the other day. I’m really liking it. It looks a lot neater. The tabs are at the top. The menu items are on the main button. The home button has moved to the other end. Getting used to where everything is was the only problem and that didn’t take too long. They claim it is faster. It does seem to be. I have been having problems with my cable but once it connects to a site the sites do load faster than they used to. It is definitely worth a try if you don’t already have it.

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