The Hard Way By Cathi Stoler

The Hard Way by Cathi Stoler is a pretty good mystery. The characters are interesting and seem real and this is the third book about these characters so you can look forward to reading more about them. This particular book is about solving a crime in Las Vegas. In a very fancy casino. From the … Read More

The Rainy Day Killer By Michael J. McCann Review

The Rainy Day Killer by Michael J. McCann is a really good crime novel. It starts out at a crime scene and just gets more interesting from there. I like the detectives in this book. The man in charge of the investigation is not only smart but nice and the woman seems like someone you … Read More

The CEO By Steve Bederman Review

The CEO by Steve Bederman is a pretty good read. It is a corporate thriller which basically means it is about big business and the people who run the corporations. The story is basically about a corporation and the man who runs it being attacked by someone trying to take it over or destroy it … Read More

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