Do You Love Spring Flowers?

I love spring flowers. I wish they would last longer.

I found a beautiful statement necklace that is crafted to look like spring flowers. So you can have your flowers all year, and even wear them.

So even in the winter you can look like spring. Add some perfume and you will smell like spring too.

The necklace is from IDGirl Jewelry and comes in a very pretty box, so it is all ready for gift giving. It would make a wonderful gift for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays, or just any old day at all.

Spring Flower Necklace from IDGirl Jewelry.It sparkles in the sunshine. It has a lot of different colors in it so it will match pretty much anything you wear.

Me wearing the Spring Flowers Necklace from IDGirl Jewelry.

It looked really nice on me. It is a bit heavy, so that will take some getting used to if you don’t normally wear heavy jewelry.

It has a bit of extra chain on the hook so you can make it a bit looser if you want.

IDGirl Jewelry is hypoallergenic. They say it is lead free and nickel free, so it won’t turn your neck green.

I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day. She really liked it. She said that someone took a lot time to do all the detailing on it. I agree.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

Get Your Hubby A Man Can For His Man Cave

Uncommon Goods Man Can

A little over a year ago I did a review of a Man Cave Gift Set from Uncommon Goods. Me and my hubby liked all the items in the set but the Man Can has a special place in my hubbies heart…and his work out room.

Of course his work out room is also my library so I have to smell it too. We both like it but he mentions every so often how much he likes the smell of the room.

The Man Can I got for him is supposed to smell like fresh cut grass. I’m not really sure they managed to capture that smell exactly but it does smell outdoorsy and it a good smell.

We keep the door to the library/work out room closed to keep the dogs out (one has been known to chew paper and we can’t have that) and smell of the Man Can has pretty much permeated the room. You can’t smell it till you open the door but then the scent hits you in the face.

This is a GOOD thing because with him doing his exercising in there it would soon end up smelling like sweaty man(or cleaner, which is worse).

So if you want to get your hubby something for his Man Cave (or workout room) one of these candles would be a good idea.

Create Your Own Personalized Products At CafePress

Create Your Own Personalized Products At CafePress

CafePress logoThe wonderful people at CafePress gave me a coupon for $50 worth of products. They said I could choose anything I wanted.

I spent quite a while on thier site looking at things. They have a great many items to choose from. I finally decided to get something for my hubby and then see how much of the $50 was left.

He has been looking for a good coffee mug for a while. He doesn’t like the small coffee cups and the mugs you see at stores like Wal-Mart are too “pretty”.

He wanted a big mug. CafePress has those. I thought about getting one with a funny saying on it…but there was way too many to choose from and I liked too many of them. So I decided to get a customized one.

He has seen the mugs with kids or animal pictures on them and always said his “baby” would look good on one. So I uploaded a picture of our dog…and he now has this mug: My husbands CafePress mug.

He really liked it. The only problem is…he says it is too nice to actually use as a coffee mug. So he has it on diplay in our china cabinet instead.

I also got a custom t-shirt for me with the same picture on it. My husband tried to take it too. Not happening!

It is a really well made t-shirt and it looks good…the picture doesn’t look as pretty on it as it does on the mug though.

I am very happy with the way they both turned out. And you can put just about any picture you want on the items…so long as they fit in the design you choose.

You can just upload your own design too I think. These make wonderful gifts and the items got shipped me very quickly…so last minute shopping is not completely out of the question.

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