Round Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

We used this Salt and Pepper Grinder Set for our holiday dinner. There were two tables so we needed an extra set. My cousin fell in love with this set. No wonder, it is pretty. The tops are shiny stainless steel and the bottoms are clear glass. I love the round bottoms. You can see … Read More

Beautiful Flatware Makes Dinner Special

Beautiful flatware can make any table setting look great. The Distinctly Home Prism 45-Piece Flatware Set will definitely help make dinner special. Especially holiday dinners. It has a lovely prism design and a mirror polish finish. The setting includes service for 8, and a hostess set. The hostess set has one solid serving spoon, a … Read More

What Do You Keep In Your Kitchen Pantry?

What Do You Keep In Your Kitchen Pantry?

One of the things I learned from reading The Lazy Gourmet is that figureing out what to cook and being able to cook it is a lot easier if your kitchen is kept stocked with some basic items. I’m assuming that what is consided necessary really depends on what you like to cook…and how much … Read More

Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods Review

Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods Review

I had a chance to try some of Michael Angelo’s Gourmet Foods authentic frozen Italian meals and I jumped at it. I have tried a couple different brands of frozen  meals but haven’t found very many that everyone in the family likes. My husband can be pretty picky about some things. He did not like … Read More

Attending Public Events

Saturday night I went with my husband to the Greene County Republican Partys Lincoln Day Dinner at the Community Center. Please note that we are not Republicans…yet anyway. My husbands friend invited us and gave us the tickets and we rarely(never?) turn down a free dinner. I couldn’t understand anything the speakers said. I was … Read More

Hormel® Roasted Chicken Breasts & Gravy Refrigerated Entrees

I bought a couple of Hormel­® Refrigerated Entrees the other day because my stepson said they were good and easy to fix. This is the first time I had ever tried them. They come in small sealed packages that you can just stick in the microwave for 4 minutes(8 minutes if frozen). They don’t even … Read More

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