The Body Changes As You Age

I’m sure you all were aware of that already. To some extent anyway. But did you know that your nose, ears, and feet all keep getting bigger as you get older?

That means that hearing aid wearers have to get new ear molds every so often.

Which can be a hassle. The last ear molds for my ears had to be done twice(so far- I hope that is all).

If the ear molds don’t fit then the hearing aid will make noise all the time. It will drive your friends and family batty. You too if you can hear it. And they won’t sound right either.

The worst thing is it will make your ears hurt really bad. If you happen to be a menopausal woman, or suffering from PMS, or just tired…well lets just say having sore ears do not make you any easier to get along with.

Badly fitting ear molds can also actually rub sores on your ears if you wear them anyway. So you have to keep going back to the hearing aid store till they get it right.

Like I said – a hassle.

That also means is you have to get bigger shoes…wider anyway.

My feet in my Musewear flip-flops.My feet are quite big enough already. I hope they don’t get much bigger or I won’t be able to wear any shoes at all. It is already hard to find shoes that don’t make my bunions hurt.

As for my nose. I don’t really care how big it gets. It holds my glasses up just fine and it works real well for smelling roses (and coffee). So long as it keeps doing it’s job I’m happy.

How’s about you?


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