Magicbox Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is a wonderful little speaker from DKnight. It puts out a big sound, which is amazing coming from such a little box. My husband was surprised that the sound was so loud, and the volume wasn’t even turned all the way up. We connected it to his phone so he can use it to … Read More

Party Hearty With Xoundstar Portable Bluetooth Speakers

I wish we had these Xoundstar® Portable Speakers back when I was in high school, and college. We used to go out to the river and party on the weekends and these speakers would have been great to use out there. I’m pretty sure kids (and even grown ups) still do that, and they could … Read More

24th Annual Loose Caboose Festival In Paragould, Arkansas

This years Loose Caboose Festival is coming up soon! This year will be the 24th annual festival and in my opinion they just keep getting better every year. This year the festival is going to be at the Green County Fairgrounds. I’m not sure why but they couldn’t do it out by the old Caboose … Read More

Feel The Need For Live Music?

If you like live music you might want to check out Bluegrass Monday. Of course that is only if you like Bluegrass! This is a live concert held once a month…usually on the 4th Monday of each month at the old Collins Theatre at 120 West Emerson, in Paragould, Arkansas. The concert is sponsored by … Read More

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