Beauty’s Thief By Konstanz Silverbow Book Blast

Sounds interesting. It is the fourth book in a series. Just want you to know that so you don’t go get it and then get upset because now you have to go buy the other three, or go stark raving mad wondering about what happened in the others. You know that will happen. Might as … Read More

Guardian Of The Way Book Blast

  This one sounds like another good read.  It has werewolves! Guardian of the Way by Diane Moat It’s been two centuries since someone murdered the last Guardian of the Way, closing off this world from the many realms of magic and fae. Cassiopeia “Cass” Wilson is an eighteen-year-old living on her own for the … Read More

The Crush Saga Box Set By Chrissy Peebles

This time you can get the whole set at once! You won’t have to wait to read the next book. Really good deal folks! It is only .99 cents right now, so get it before the 19th of November 2016. The Crush Saga Box Set by Chrissy Peebles I was born to die… But to … Read More

Nobody’s Pawn By Amy McNulty

Nobody’s Pawn by Amy McNulty is a very satisfying read. It is a great end to the Never Veil Trilogy. This book clears up a lot of the questions about why the world in this book is set up the way it is. And why some of the people acted the way they did. I … Read More

Nobody’s Lady By Amy McNulty Review

Nobody’s Lady by Amy McNulty is the second book in The Never Veil series. This book continues the story from Nobody’s Goddess, which was really good (check out my review here). I liked this one better than the first one. It is one of those books that pull you in, and keep you in till … Read More

Borrowed Magic Book Blast

This one looks to be exciting. I’m getting a copy of the free eBook for sure. Are you planning to read it? Borrowed Magic by Shari Lambert After a three-year siege, Lord Kern, the dark mage, is dead. Magic has left Tredare, and life is almost back to normal. For everyone except Maren, that is. … Read More

Crossroads Book Blast Giveaway

I love to read books in a series. I like going back to visit the same world and finding out what happened to the characters I fell in love with. It is great when you find a new series that already has several books printed too, because that means you don’t have to wait to … Read More

Timesurfers By Rhonda Sermon Book Blast Giveaway

This sounds like a pretty good read. Time travel has always been something that sounds like fun, mostly because it isn’t real. But what if it was? If you are looking for something different to read, this could be it. Timesurfers by Rhonda Sermon “It’s not a choice. It’s a destiny.” Fifteen-year-old Cate takes weird, … Read More

The Proving By Ken Brosky Book Blast Giveaway

This one sounds like a really good read. I nominated it on Kindle Scout. I really hope it gets enough nominations to be published. If you haven’t already, then head over there and nominate it! Please. The Proving by Ken Brosky It’s been 100 years since the Specters invaded Earth. Like ghosts they haunt the … Read More

Seven Sparks Book Blast & Giveaway

This collection sure has some interesting books in it. They all sound like good reads. The only problem is they are all the first book of a series, and you know very well you won’t be able to read just one. Not if you are anything like me. The first book will get your hooked … Read More

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