Protect Yourself From Digital Pickpockets

RFID Blocking Sleeves - Jungle Bling.Digital scanners can read the information on the RFID chips on your new credit cards.

That’s ok if the scanner belongs to a store, or someone who is supposed to be scanning your information because you are buying something from them.

The problem is the scammers, and thieves, who buy a scanner, and sit and wait for folks to pass by, so they can steal their information, and use it to buy things for themselves, for identity theft, or just to steal all your money.

These RFID blocking sleeves from BlockIt can help keep that from happening. Just stick your credit card in it and it blocks the scanners.

These are pretty too. I like the designs.

RFID blocking sleeves.I only have two cards with RFID chips on them, so far anyway. They fit in the sleeves with no problem.

I have not checked to make sure these sleeves actually work. I’m told you can take them to a store, and use the scanners to see for yourself. I haven’t done that because I don’t carry the cards with me usually, as we are trying not to use them at all these days, and we live so far from town. And of course I keep forgetting.

I figure it can’t hurt to have something like that though. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

Secrets Of A Closet Millionaire By Michele Ashby

Secrets of a Closet Millionaire by Michele Ashby.If you have read a lot of books about money management, and budgeting, but still don’t “get it”, Secrets of a Closet Millionaire could be the book for you.

The author says she read a lot of books, and knew a lot about finance, but didn’t really “get it” herself at first.

Then she met a man who helped figure out a “get well plan”, and she was on her way to becoming the master of her money.

In this book she tells how she did it, and gives you some ideas of how you can do it too.

I like the way she presents the information in this book. I have read a few books about finances, and getting out of debt, so I was already familiar with most of the concepts, but haven’t ever managed to actually put them into practice on a consistent basis.

Some of the advice in this book helped with that. I think (not absolutely sure YET) that I actually “get it” now.

About the book :

Secrets of a Closet Millionaire offers step-by-step guidance so you can take charge of your money and your life. Part how-to and part memoir, Michele teaches you about getting real with your money–to fully understand it and get it to behave how you want. Secrets of a Closet Millionaire helps you answer questions such as:

* How can I clear my debt AND save for my future?
* How do I pay myself first when I owe everyone else?
* How can I live without credit cards?
* How can I relieve my money worries?
* How much money will I need for my retirement?

Financial expert, Michele Ashby, will help you put together your Get Well Plan and guide you to fulfill it. Through the art of money mastery, you can be freed from financial stress and worry to live the life of your dreams.

About the Author:

Picture of Author Michele Ashby.Michele Ashby has three decades of experience working as a stockbroker, holistic financial guide and international business consultant. She became a well-known mining analyst and parlayed her expertise of the mining industry into a successful trade association for the gold mining business and their largest institutional investors.

Ashby is also founder and president of Dani’s Foundation, a non-profit organization created in memory of Michele’s daughter, Dani Stell, who passed away in 1999 from Ewing’s Sarcoma.


I received a free book to review.

Easy Way To Keep Up With Your Money

I have never been really good at budgeting. I always thought budgeting was hard and got frustrated with trying to figure out how to portion out my money.

I have tried several money management programs through the years including Microsoft money when it first came out years ago.

Back then everything had to be put in manually and I would always end up forgetting to put something in and get confused when nothing matched. Or I would just get frustrated with tying to set it up so I could actually see where it was going.

I tried a couple of other programs last year and though they have improved a great deal in the last few years (you can now download all your bank info) they still seem too confusing to me.

I could figure out how to track my checking pretty easy with all of those programs.  Unfortunately figuring out how to get all the other accounts (savings, credit cards, cash) on there so I knew where all my money was and what it should be used for was just frustrating and I gave up.

Logo for You Need A Budget.

But then I saw a post about the You Need A Budget software.  I downloaded the free 34 day free trial and got it all set up within an hour or so. It only took that long because of putting in ALL my accounts at one time. I wanted to get it all done and over with.

What I really really like about this program is that it has a separate budget section.  The program allows you to set accounts as being either on the budget or off the budget. If it is on the budget then it shows on your budget page. If the account is off budget it doesn’t show on your budget page and you manage it separately.

So I can see everything that affects my budget in one place. I have it set up with master categories for things that have to be paid each month (mortgage, water bill, electric), things that are optional (cable, phone), things that need to be paid quarterly or yearly (insurance, taxes), and things that we are saving up for (new car, emergencies).

One of the best things about this program is that you are NOT supposed to budget any money until you actually have that money in your hand (or account).  At that time you add the income to the program and figure out what you need(or want) to use the money for. I have a category for dinners out…just because I like eating out occasionally and I would feel deprived if I couldn’t do that at all.

That makes it much easier to figure out how much money you can spend or if you even have any discretionary money. One of my problems always was forgetting what needed to be paid and spending too much on something else.

Now I can set up the budget and see exactly how much is needed where. I am loving this program and I went on and bought my very own copy. You can use the program on multiple computers or on a mobile device as long as all of those are for your own use. So if you are out shopping you could check your budget to see if you have money while you are in the store.

You can download a 34 day free trial of the software here if you would like to try it out yourself. If you decide you like the program and decide to buy it (like I did) you can get a discount by coming back here and using this $6 off link.

Their website has some really good tutorials that walk you through just about everything you might want to do with it. And a great support section too.

Overcome Your Shopping Addiction By Stephen Howe Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Cover of Overcome Your Shopping Accidtion by Stephen Howe.Overcome Your Shopping Addiction : The Guide To Beating Your Addiction And Ending The Shopping Addiction Cycle is a pretty neat little book.

It isn’t very long and is easy to read but it packs quite a bit of information in those pages.

I wanted to read it in case it might help me stop buying so much online. I’m  quite relieved to find out that I am NOT a shopping addict! However I do have some of the bad habits that can lead to problems.

It is certainly much easier to solve a problem if you start working on it before it gets to be a HUGE problem.

If you are already addicted to shopping the steps listed in this book can help you get control of it.

One thing I really liked about this book is that it explains some of the things can help cause this particular addiction. Such as living in a culture that believes “retail therapy” is just fine.

If you happen to come from a background where “keeping up with the Jones” is important that can also make it easier to fall into an addiction to shopping.

The information is divided into several chapters including :

Understanding the Retail Therapy Culture

Identifying the Symptoms of Extreme Shopping Addiction

Coming to Terms with your Shopping Triggers

Sporting a Proactive Demeanor to Combat your Shopaholic Tendencies

Leading a Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle

That makes it easy to go back and find specific information.

This would be a good book for anyone who is concerned about their shopping habits…addicted or not.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Dr. Barnsley Brown : Sponsor Spotlight

Dr. Barnsley Brown is a “recovering academic” who left a professorial career over a decade ago to start her own passionate business, Spirited Solutions Professional Speaking & Coaching.

She helps busy professionals, women, and business owners create balanced, prosperous lives and work they love!

For full details on Dr. Barnsley’s mission, credentials, and expertise, visit : Spirited Solutions.

She has created an e-book package called Get Out of Debt and Get On With Your Life!

The e-book and it’s bonuses tell what she did to make herself mentally, spiriturally, and financially ready to launch her dream business.

She says that if you are worried about having “enough” whether of money, love, time, energy, or anything else…then you will never be able to live the life of your dreams. So you need to create a firm foundation for that first!

This e-book package will show you steps to take to create your parachute.

Dr. Barnsley is one of my sponsors for the upcoming Lucky Day Sweepstakes event that starts on the 13th. She is going to give one of my lucky readers a copy of Get Out of Debt and Get On With Your Life! e-book and audio package that usually sells for $57.

It sounds like a really good prize to me. I have not recieved a copy of it myself and have not reviewed it but the information on her website certainly sounds interesting.

If you would like to get a head start on entering the giveaway you can subscribe to her ezine and get a free report. Doing so will be worth 5 entries on the giveaway.

Be sure and come back on the 13th to start entering!

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