24th Annual Loose Caboose Festival In Paragould, Arkansas

This years Loose Caboose Festival is coming up soon! This year will be the 24th annual festival and in my opinion they just keep getting better every year.

This year the festival is going to be at the Green County Fairgrounds. I’m not sure why but they couldn’t do it out by the old Caboose this year.

Red Caboose in downtown Paragould, Arkansas.Some things will still be happening downtown like the 5k  Run & Walk and the Iron Caboose Bike Ride but most of the other things will be happening at the Fair Grounds.

There will of course be the Carnival on all three days with Thursday night being armband night. If you want to get the lowest possible price you will have to pick up armband tickets at the Main Street Paragould office (the caboose) between 3 and 5pm that day. After that you can get them for two dollars more at the gate of the fairgrounds. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me….especially if you have to be downtown anyway…just stop by and pick up your tickets while you are there.

Saturday will have free entertainment all day starting with a Youth Music Talent Contest at 10am and continuing through the evening. For information on the rest of the entertainment check the free entertainment schedule here.

The main event on Friday night is a concert by Restless Heart. I don’t know all their songs but I do know they have some good ones including Dancy’s Dream, which is one of my favorites.  Admission is $5 that night and you might want to take some chairs with you because they are only guaranteeing seats to the folks who buy the first 1000  tickets. I suppose it is possible that not that many will show up…but I expect there will be quite a few more than that.

There will also be Arts & Crafts exhibits (and sales), commercial exhibits, and of course food vendors.

If you are the adventurous sort you can take a plane ride on Saturday and get a a really good view of the festival…and the rest of the town too! Just go to the Paragould airport and make a $20 donation to Arkansas Pilots for Christ.  For more information check out this Facebook page. I would like to do this if I can talk myself into it. I’m afraid of heights and not at all sure how I would do in an airplane.

So if you didn’t already have plans for that weekend…you now have several fun things to do!

No Fooling! April’s Fun!

No Fooling! April’s Fun!


Or at least it can be.

I remember my uncle getting a goose egg from one of our neighbors and putting it in one of our chickens nests. My husband was new to chickens and he wanted to see if my hubby would really believe one of the chickens laid that egg.

Goose egg and a chicken egg.

I was out there when my hubby went in the pen to get the eggs and picked up that huge goose egg. The look on his face was priceless!

Of course it didn’t take him but a minute to figure out that there was no way our chickens laid an egg that big. It was more than twice the size of the regular hens eggs.

It didn’t take him more than a couple of seconds to figure out who put the egg there either.

He took it inside and just looked at my uncle and Uncle James started laughing so hard he almost fell off the couch. He was really tickled especially when I told him that my hubby actually thought for a minute that it was one of our hens eggs.

That was a really funny joke. My hubby still gets tickled whenever he thinks about that. Most of the fun was in my uncle getting so tickled about doing it.

If you are short on laughs this month check out a couple of pictures that made me laugh. One is on cheezburger.com and the other is on uberhumor.com. The cheezeburger site is pretty much family friendly…the other site does have some bad words and crude jokes on it so be careful.

Do you have any really good jokes you remember playing or having played on you?

Prompts are Fun button.

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