Friends ForNever By Melissa Baldwin Book Blast

This sounds like a really good read. Being stuck in the “friend” zone can really suck when you would love to have a romantic relationship with someone. Especially for younger folks. I’ve been there. What about you? Friends ForNever by Melissa Baldwin Erin Taylor is a hard-working journalist with a serious TV addiction and lack … Read More

Coffee Tea Or Me By Rich Amooi Book Blast

Coffee, Tea or Me by Rich Amooi Susie opens a tea shop next to Jack’s coffee shop and the war begins. Jack Robbins has a booming coffee business, an eighty-year old customer who can’t keep his clothes on, and a rescue Chihuahua named Chimichanga that likes to kiss on the mouth. Life is good until … Read More

Thirty Four Going On Bride Book Blast

  This sounds like a really good read. The kind of book you need to read when live is giving you fits, sounds like it would perk you up pretty good. It is the third book in the series, so if you haven’t read any of them (I haven’t yet), you will probably want to … Read More

Thirty-Three Going On Girlfriend? Book Blast

Thirty-Three Going on Girlfriend ***The highly anticipated sequel to Becky Monson’s bestseller – Thirty-Two Going on Spinster!*** Julia Dorning thought she would die a lonely spinster. That was until nine months ago, when her world was turned upside down. Now she’s got a dream career as a bakery owner, and a relationship with handsome Jared … Read More

Coffee Dates From Hell By Jim Tilberry

Coffee Dates From Hell is another funny book from Jim Tilberry.  It is similar to his last book Revenge of the Vegetarian in that he manages to find something strange and hilarious in what many people consider a normal everyday happening. In this book that strange and hilarious everyday happening is the Coffee Date. I’ve … Read More

Girlfriends Forever By Reeda Joseph Review

Girlfriends Forever by Reeda Joseph has some really great vintage pictures in it. Along with some good advice. One of my favorites says “If you think I’m being difficult now…just wait!” This is a great book to share with your friends. Preferably at a “girls night out” party. A lot of the pictures have to … Read More

How Not To Murder Your Grumpy By Carol E. Wyer Review

How Not To Murder Your Grumpy by Carol E. Wyer is an excellent book for anyone who has a Grumpy they want to keep busy. It was written for women with “Grumpy Old Men” but the suggestions will work just as well for a “Grumpy Old Lady” or for “Grumpy Young Squirts” or anyone else … Read More

The Fart That Saved Christmas by Jacob Morningside Review

The Fart That Saved Christmas by Jacob Morningside Review

The Fart That Saved Christmas An Adults Christmas Tale is a really cute book. It is written similar to The Night Before Christmas but it has a much more realistic view about what might be going on at the north pole on Christmas Eve. This is a really funny book and it has some gorgeous … Read More

Revenge of the Vegetarian by Jim Tilberry Review

Revenge of the Vegetarian by Jim Tilberry Review

Revenge of the Vegetarian A Humorous Spin on the World of Vegetarianism by Jim Tilberry with Patricia Van Winkle  is a really fun book to read. It is only 70 pages long and is broken down into short chapters with titles such as Coming Out, Converted Carnivores, Respect My Tofu, and the Rise of the … Read More

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