Do You Like To Play Solitaire Games?

BVS Solitaire CollectionSolitaire Games are great for those times when you need a distraction that doesn’t take up all your attention.

Like if you are waiting for a phone call, or if you have the app you can play it at the doctors office while waiting.

I can’t really read in situations like that because I tend to get into the book and not pay attention to whats going on around me. So playing cards is a good alternative.

The BVS Solitaire Collection has a LOT of different types of solitaire games. More than 400. Those include Klondike and Spider Solitaire which are the ones I’m most familiar with.

It has Cruel, which is also one of my favorites. I had not been able to find that particular game after I upgraded my computer, and this collection works on Win 7, 8, and 10. It also has a Mac version, and iPhone/iPad/iPod apps.

The only thing I didn’t really care for was the lack of a hint button, but I finally figured out how to get it to show you the next move. That is only for when I’m totally stuck and it is either that or quit, of course.

This is a really nice collection of games. It is a simple program that works. There are a lot of design options. I actually like the default but you can change the background and a few other things.

You can find BVS Solitaire on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Help Defend Helm’s Deep

Lord of the Rings Online Helm's Deep LogoIf you ever wanted to be a Hero and help defend Helm’s Deep then you will soon get your chance.

Lord of the Rings Online Helm’s Deep expansion is expected to go live on November 18, 2013. If you pre-order Helm’s Deep you can get a few special items to use in the game. Some of the items you will receive immediately (points, titles, quest slots) and some not till the expansion is live.

This expansion is going to be different from any of the others too. Helm’s Deep is an epic defense that will take everyone working together in order to win. So as soon as your character reaches level 10 they can go help!

I think this is going to be really fun.  I’ve been playing LOTRO a bit more often lately. Got to have my characters ready to go! It is still just as much fun as it was when I started.

Lord of the Rings Online is a Free To Play game too. You can download and start playing totally free. There are ways to earn points in the game (such as finishing deeds) and you can spend those points in the store or save them to buy special items (quest packs, horses, buffs). It is actually possible to play the game from start to finish without spending any money at all…if you want to.

Some folks do that. Many do spend money to buy extra points (they are in a hurry!) or to pay for expansions. It is entirely up to you.

It is lots of fun and if you have a bit of free time…or just need some time where you can smack something (goblins!) without getting thrown in jail….and let of some steam….come join us!

Bingo Is A Great Way To Unwind Online

More and more people play online games today, it’s a worldwide phenomenon that is increasing all the time. There are lots of reasons why people choose to play online games like bingo, lotto, roulette and blackjack and slots, but one of the main attractions is that it’s a great way to unwind and de-stress after a busy day at work.

If you’ve never tried online gaming before, you may be wondering what the fuss is all about, and why people are interested in it. You may also have been put off trying the games as you see it as a waste of money. However, there are lots of games now available where you don’t even need to pay to play, giving you a perfect opportunity to have a go without making any kind of financial commitment. For example, you can play free bingo games from bgo and similar websites. At bgo, all you need to do is register on the site, you don’t even need to place a deposit, and you can be playing free bingo games within minutes. It’s a great way to try out the games for real.

Other sites like Chitchat bingo have similar offers, and pretty much all of the bingo sites offer a welcome cash bonus when you make your first deposit, giving your starting balance a boost. And you don’t even need to register with a bingo or casino site to play – you’ll also find bingo games on social networking sites like Facebook.

Bingo is a great place to start if you’ve never tried online gaming, as it’s an easy game to play, with no strategy required. And when you play online, the game is even easier than its land-based version. As the software marks the numbers off on your card for you, you don’t even need to concentrate on them as they’re being called out. This leaves you free to enjoy the other side of online bingo – the socializing.

Many confirmed online bingo players aren’t really playing in the hope of winning a big cash prize. Of course, that’s always a possibility – even when you’re playing a game that only costs pennies to play. But the main appeal is that you get to chat and spend time with other players in the bingo chat rooms. These can be lively places, with banter flying around the different rooms between the players and the chat moderators. The chat hosts will help you if you get stuck and also initiate different chat games, where you can stand to win small cash prizes and tickets to other bingo games.

So when you’ve had a busy day with too much to do at work, or your children have been running around the house crazy until bedtime, playing bingo can be a nice way to take five, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. The convenience of playing online, of course, is that you don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t need to dress up, book and pay for a babysitter or anything like that.

You can simply take some time to have some easy entertainment and catch up with some players – who you’ll soon get to know in the chat rooms.

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Never A Dull Moment With Online Bingo

Wherever you are, whatever you’re up to, as long as you have a smartphone or tablet with you, you need never be bored anymore. There are so many online games to choose from and so many different online gaming sites – or apps that you can download to play.

Whether you like to play for free or whether you prefer to put a little cash down to make the games that little bit more interesting, there’s a massive choice of entertaining games out there today. One game that has bounced back up the popularity charts is online bingo. No longer just the playing choice of older ladies, online bingo games are equally popular with a younger crowd who have seen just what amazing prizes are up for grabs for very little player input.

Not only do you not have to pay much to play bingo online, with some sites even offering free bingo games, but you don’t need to have a cunning strategy to play bingo either. Whether you’re going to win or not is simply down to the luck of the draw, as all you need to win is to have all the right numbers on the card you buy. You don’t even need to concentrate as the numbers being called – as you do in the traditional version of the game – as the computer marks off the numbers for you, ensuring that you never miss a call or miss out on a win because you’re not as quick as the next person to spot the numbers.

For many people, online bingo is the game of choice because of the lack of effort that is involved in playing. It’s a great game to play if you want to wind down on the bus or train on the way back from work, or once you’ve got the kids to bed and have a quiet five minutes to yourself. Lots of players only keep one eye on their games as the real appeal of playing bingo online is meeting friends and other players in the chat rooms on the different sites. For them, online bingo is more about the socializing than the possibility of winning a cash prize but, of course, those are always welcome when they come along!
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Need Help With a PC or Console Game?

Or maybe you can help others with a PC or Console game? In either case you should check out GamersGlitch.

GamersGlitch is a site for gamers to ask questions about games they are playing and to answer other gamers questions about those games.

There is also a forum for Game Debating where you can argue the merits of particular games or the pros and cons of game design, quest design, or just about anything you care to discuss. One of the open debates is about the Game Boy Advance. Another is about cheating in games.

They have categories for every sort of game from arcade games, PC games, Console games, and general gaming. There are also sections for each type of console and game hardware. One popular category is Modding.

There is also a section where you can download Wallpapers.

The site can be viewed in about 20 different languages as well.

Many of the recent discussions/questions concern Guild Wars 2 but there are questions about Skyrim and Panderia too.  If you know anything about those games head on over and see if you can help.

There are a couple of questions about using a  usb, questions about memory cards, and burning to disk as well. So if you have questions about a game, or if you think you might  have the answers to the questions, go check it out.


How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All The Time by Fred Fields Review

How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All The Time by Fred Fields Review

How Short Hitting Bad Golfers Break 90 All The Time by Fred FieldsHow Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time seems to be a great resource for golfers who would like to improve their game.

It has a lot of tips for improving your golf game from the grip and the way you stand to how to think on a golf course.

The author claims that the real reason more golfers don’t play better is that they never learned how to figure out each particular course. He says that knowing how to beat the course,  make the game easier, and remove useless strokes is about half the battle.

Apparently even people who get all the techniques right tend not to think about how the course is laid out and which way would be the best way through.

He also says that since most golfers have no intention of practicing like a proffessional does…hitting hundreds of balls a day…then they shouldn’t expect to be able “aim” like pros either.

I didn’t actually understand everything in the book because while I have watched a lot of golfers…I haven’t ever played myself. But the part I did understand makes a lot of sense.

This would be a really good book to give your dad, grand-dad, or uncle who is into golf, Or any other person who golfs a lot and would like to improve thier game.

From the back cover :

How Short Hitting, Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time is the basic handbook for beginning golfers, and those golfers who can’t break 100. This book explains in light, easy to read language, what your golf pro may not tell you:

  • A simpler, more natural way to hit the ball

  • And why it works!


I’ll show you not only how to hit the ball, but how to play the game, with easy to learn strategies that will help you shoot lower scores!

When you know what to do, how to do it, and why you do it golf is an easy game!

About the Author :

Fred Fields has been playing golf for over half a century. Formerly a 6 handicap golfer, his age has greatly reduced his driving length. But, using these strategies, he still scores in the 80’s. You can follow @golfprofields on Twitter and “like” WeekendGolfPro on Facebook too.

Turbine Points For Lord Of The Rings Online Giveaway(closed)

Turbine Points For Lord Of The Rings Online Giveaway(closed)

In honor of the Rise of Isengard expansion I am giving away a gift card for Turbine Points that can be used in the Lord of The Rings Online store. (Picture is blurry- sorry about that- couldn’t get a good angle.)

Turbine points card.

Those of you who don’t play online games probably know someone who does or who would like to try it. If you know a gamer with a birthday coming up this would make a great gift. Anyone who plays The Lord of the Rings Online would love to get this gift card as a present! Just trust me on that. Or ask them lol.

If you haven’t played the Lord the Rings Online then you might want to try it now.  It is downloadable and it is free to play. You don’t even have to have these points to play. The points do make some things easier to get because you can just buy them instead of hunting for them but you don’t actually NEED to buy them.

Some points are earned while playing the game as well. You can make enough points in the game to buy most of the quest packs without spending any money.  And of course you can get these gift cards just about anywhere that sells them including Wal-mart(where I got this one).

If you already have a Lord of the Rings Online account then you will want to enter this one! The gift card has 1600 Turbine Points! That will buy quite a bit. It is more than enough to buy the new raid and is about half the amount you need to buy the expansion quests.

Since the latest info I could find says the expansion will be out on the 27th I’m timing this to end at midnight on the 26th. So the winner might even get the points in time to use them to buy the expansion! Or if you are like me and already pre-ordered so you got all the goodies…you can still use it to buy all the new items or buffs.

This is an actual Gift Card that I bought myself. The winner can either give me their address and I can mail it…or I can email them the code.  If you want it mailed you have to live somewhere it won’t cost me an arm and a leg to mail it to.  That’s it! Just enter on the Rafflecopter form below. If it isn’t showing please refresh the page. If it still isn’t working…email me and let me know!

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