A Better Expandable Garden Hose

This Expandable Garden Hose from RY Gardener is much thicker than the others I have seen. The cover feels like it is stronger as well. It has 4 layers. The outer cover feels like a heavy fabric. I haven’t actually seen the other layers but this diagram shows that there is a PVC layer on … Read More

An Ideal Gardening Tool

This Hori Hori Knife really is an ideal gardening tool. It is a multi-purpose tool. It is really good for transplanting smaller plants, and works for bigger plants, just not as easily. It has measurements on it so you can see how deep the hole is. The measurements are fairly large too, so they are … Read More

Garden Blessings By June Cotner

Garden Blessings: Poems, Prose and Prayers Celebrating the Love of Gardening by June Cotner is a wonderful collection of garden related writings. It includes  I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud by William Wordsworth, which is one of my favorite poems. There are a lot of other poems in there too, with subjects ranging from trees, … Read More

Get Your Garden Supplies Ready!

Spring will be here soon. I know it is hard to believe while there is ice on the ground, but it will be time to start getting your gardens ready pretty soon now. Some of you may already have started seeds. It is good to have all your supplies ready before hand, so you don’t … Read More

Predator Guard Scare Tape Repels Birds

This scare tape from Predator Guard is a pretty neat idea. Scarecrows have worked for years, as well as those thingys that make the whining/whistling noise (can’t remember what those are called – anyone know?). Anyway this tape does scare birds. It works on chickens too. At least as long as it is actually moving. … Read More

Expandable Hose Review

This Expandable Hose from Quality Source Products is the longest expandable hose I have seen. It goes to 75 feet. It reaches my whole yard. My husband even used it out in the back when he was burning a tree he chopped up. It reached way out into the back field. It doesn’t look anywhere … Read More

The Edible Garden By Alys Fowler Review

The Edible Garden: How To Have Your Garden And Eat It, Too by Alys Fowler is a wonderful book! I have always wanted to grow some vegetables but I didn’t want a huge big plot of land like everyone seems to think you have to have in order to grow vegetables. In this book Alys … Read More

My Grandmother’s Flower Bed

    This is a picture of my grandmother standing by the first “flower bed” she had out in her yard. We(mema, mom, me, and a neighbor) had just finished planting all the flowers in it when this picture was taken. This is back before she started losing her memory and was still healthy. She … Read More

Pretty Colors Of Spring

There is green coming up all over the place of course and it looks good after the brown of winter. But what I really like is the Blues And the Purples And of course the Yellows! Even the ones that have just been peed on. Those green clumps you can see scattered here and there … Read More

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries are wonderful! My husband picked them this morning and they really taste good. Look pretty good too don’t they? They come from a planter in our front yard. My mother-in-law bought it for me last year as an early Christmas present. It came with 50 Strawberry plants. I didn’t do anything to them … Read More

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