Is This The End Of The Good Old Fashioned Letter?

Once upon a time, snail mail was one of the most common forms of communication. That anticipation of waiting for the postman to deliver a special letter or card was all part of the appeal. But now, texting and emailing has taken precedent and the handwritten message has been pushed to the backburner.

It’s a sad fact of life that people just don’t seem to have the time or the inclination to send a letter when they can communicate instantly using the internet or their mobile phones. We have such hectic lives that taking the time to send a letter is no longer a priority. Even as we approach Christmas, many people are doing away with the traditional Christmas card and are instead opting to send an E-card to spread the festive cheer. While these methods may be much more convenient, are they also more impersonal? Is it more satisfying and meaningful to receive a handwritten message than a quick text message?

Perhaps the excitement of letters and cards just needs to be revived a little. The advent of personalised cards has brought many people back round to the idea of sending birthday and Christmas cards. People can now customise their cards with text, images and even voice recordings allowing them to tailor their cards for special people or occasions.

This little bit of novelty brings an element of fun back into the process of choosing, writing and sending a card. However, it’s a shame that letters and cards are only reserved for special occasions; it would be disappointing if we were to lose such a long-standing and personal mode of communication.

The Best Places to Shop as of 2012

The Best Places to Shop as of 2012

Malls have become an inevitable place wherein almost everybody goes to; and for nearly every reason as well whether it is shopping, meeting someone, taking a walk, eating and so on. If you find yourself looking for a mall to go to, you may consider going to these malls.

Mall of America

The Mall of America or MOA has and is everything that you want. Hotels, restaurants, department stores, a mini theme park, events, zoo and so on; you name it, MOA’s got it. So if ever you find yourself in Bloomington Minnessota or anywhere near, you should consider going to this amazing place.

King of Prussia

We can say that the king of Prussia is MOA’s number one rival. But compared to MOA’s all-around approach to consumers, the King of Prussia mall is more focused on shopping and boasts over 400 stores that occupy over 3 million square feet. The King of Prussia Mall is te largest in the east coast and is located at Philadelphia.

The Galleria

If you find yourself craving to spend some money or getting some high end stuff and designer lines, you should check the Galleria; where only the best is sold. Located in Houston Texas, the place has outposts for Macy’s, Cartier, Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Versace, Tiffany & Co, Marks and Spencer and so on.



From the elite, we go to the masses. You can say what you will about Walmart but it still is one of the best places to shop if you consider variety, location, and affordability. Walmart is located at a 5 kilometer radius of every major location in the US, a perfect place for everyday shopping especially if we consider the prices and everyday sale on different items though Walmart coupons available throughout the internet.

The Best Defense for Your iPhone 4S is…

The Best Defense for Your iPhone 4S is…

For many, the iPhone 4S is the ultimate smart phone out there and with little wonder, really. The said smart phone features one of the best displays available in the market, the retina display, which display the maximum resolution the human eyes can perceive given a set distance. Second, the phone’s OS, the iOS is one of the most stable and has the widest market around side by side with Android. And lastly, the phone’s intelligent and humorous AI assistant alone is already worth the money. The downside with the phone is that it is also one of the most expensive.

Given its price, Apple is very generous when it comes to repairs and replacements. However, not all damages are covered by the warranty and repair and replacements can cost you your files. So it is always better to have your iPhone 4S protected. And when it comes to protection, Otterbox defender is one of the best provider in the market. Here’s why.

Solid Defense

The Defender offers the most solid defense out there in the market as the protective casing is made from top of the line technology and materials: an outer silicone cover paired with a two-piece inner polycarbonate layer that absorbs and repels harmful elements like shock, dust, and so on (except water). The inner layer is also designed to fit snuggly into your iPhone.

Complete Defense

The Defender does not just protect the boy, it protects everything by also having a built in screen shield and plug covers to protect the exposed ports of your beloved iPhone 4S.

Functional Defense

Even with the toughest defense, the defender lets you retain all of the functionalities that you can enjoy with your iPhone’s hardware and more. The case is designed not to affect the functions of the speaker, microphone, camera, flash and bragging rights by exposing the gorgeous Apple logo for everyone to see. The Defender also comes with an attachable rotating belt holster for added efficiency.

Affordable Defense

You can avoid all the risks and hassles of a damaged iPhone for the price of $50 using ConnectionFly.Com OtterBox deals. Not the cheapest in town, considering that it is already a special online deal but certainly is one of the best defense out there.

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