Kavallerie Horse Anti-Slip Saddle Pad

My husband has been looking for new equipment for his horse, and he needs just about everything.  This Kavallerie Horse Anti-Slip Saddle Pad sounds like it would be good, especially for riding in the summer. It has all those holes for the air to go through, which will help keep the horse from getting too … Read More

Great Solution To Shedding Animals

These HandsOn Grooming Gloves are really nice. They have a velcro band on the wrist that is adjustable. The pair I have fits pretty good and fits my husbands bigger hands comfortably too. He does most of the horse grooming so will probably be using them for that. I may have to get another pair … Read More

Get A Hamilton Horse Brush To Keep Your Horse Clean

As clean as you can keep a horse in the spring anyway. Unless you are gonna brush them several times a day, they won’t be clean for long. At least not in this area. It is really muddy out in the fields right now and the horses seem to love to roll in the worst … Read More

The Man Who Listens To Horses Giveaway

I’m giving away a used copy(I read it – excellent condition) of Monty Roberts book The Man Who Listens To Horses – The Story of a real-life Horse Whisperer. If you are a horse person, or just want to learn more about horses, you will love this book. Monty Roberts is one of the best … Read More

Beautiful Animal Art From Fulcrum Gallery

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Animals are wonderful things. I love animals. Even the ones that bite, and yes I have been bitten by dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, Guinea pigs, ducks, chickens, and even a lion(a toothless lion but it still hurt). So when Fulcrum Gallery offered me the … Read More

Selling Square Hay Bales

The farm my husband helps out on has some square hay bales for sale right now. The farm is of course in Arkansas, near Finch and they are charging $3 a bale. It is the first cutting this year which from what I’ve been told (several times) isn’t usually as good as the second cutting. … Read More

Blaze Of Glory By m. garzon

Blaze Of Glory By m. garzon

Blaze of Glory is a really good book. It is a Young Adult book but I’m well into my 40’s and I liked it. It is about a teenage girl and her life. She is a very talented show rider and she and her horse are getting a lot of attention. Then there is an … Read More

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