A Room Full Of Books

I have a room full of books. Some of them are books I have had since I was in middle school. Some I have read multiple times, others only once or twice.

Bookshelves on one side of my "library" and "hatchery" room.
The room is also a hatchery (guinea keets) and cannot be kept clean while the little boogers are in there.

There were more books once. I had to leave a lot of them behind when my first husband ran off, and I had to move. I didn’t have room to take all my things.

I have also had to clear the shelves to make room for new books. That or get more bookshelves and my hubby said no to that.


I still have the Little House on the Prairie books. I reread those every so often, and I still love them. My favorite of those is Little Town on the Prairie. Laura is pretty much grown up at the end of that one.

I used to have all the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books. The Trixie Beldon set and the Donna Parker books too. I loved those.

I had a lot of those cheap cardboard back books about horses and dogs. Don’t remember the name of the set but there was a whole lot of them you could collect. This set included some about Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone too. Good books, just made cheaply.

I also had some of  the We Were There books. Those were historical stories. I only remember the ones about The Battle of the Alamo and The Oklahoma Land Rush.

My fourth grade teacher introduced me to Science Fiction/Fantasy. We had to do a book report and got to pick a book off a pile on her desk. By my turn there were not many left. One of them was The Door Into Summer by Robert Heinlein. I picked it. Ended up in the school library checking out every book they had by him , but there wasn’t many. The public library had more.

The same section of the library had books by Andre Norton, Gordon Dickson, and quite a few others.

Teen and Young Adult Years

I had every single one of the Xanth books by Piers Anthony.

At the time there were about 20 books in that series, I think. Not sure because he kept writing them.

I haven’t read the newest ones. Just haven’t been interested enough, and there are other books I would rather spend my limited book buying budget on. They are wonderful fun books though. If you haven’t read them you should consider reading at least one. They are funny. And there are Puns, lots and lots of puns. If you don’t like puns don’t bother, because you would just find it punishing. Really.

Anne McCaffrey! I loved her. I bought just about every book she ever wrote. I bought the cheaper paperback books, so the money would go farther. I loved the Pern books. I still have every one of those.

Oh and Orson Scott Card! Enders Game was one of my favorite books for years. It was the first book that ever ticked me off so much that I threw it across the room. Good read. I have that whole set too, and quite a few of his other books.

I also used to love to read horror type books. I loved the ones where nature went haywire and caused disasters. There was one about roaches eating people. Don’t remember the name of it or who wrote it. I still read Stephen King and Dean Koontz. I used to read a lot of Robert Mccammon, his Swan Song is worth a reread (or two). This picture is of the the two shelves with my set Horror type books.My set of Dean Koontz and Stephen King books.

I went through a Harlequin Romance period in my early teens. During that time all I read was romances, mostly Harlequin, but those got me into historical romance where I found Georgette Heyer. I collected the paperbacks of her books, which I still have and reread when I’m feeling yucky.

Middle Age

These days I’m into more upbeat type stuff.

I love The Red River of the West series by Lauraine Snelling, and Love Comes Softly series by Janette Oke. I have reread the sets several times. Both authors have written some stand alone clean historical romance, and those books are good too. My set of their books is on the top of the shelves on one side of the “library”.  It also has my Little House Books (blue on the far end).

My set of books by Laurane Snelling and Janette Oke, the Little House books.

I have read more young adult books in the last few years than I ever did as a young adult. They are very enjoyable and for the most part turn out well.

I love the Safehold series by David Weber.  It is about people overcoming adversity. It is about building. Of course it also has war and death and disaster, and bad guys. There are other series he wrote that are really good.

I have been reading more fantasy and science fiction. L. E. Modesitt has some wonderful fantasy books that are great for rereads. His Recluce and Imager series are very good.

John Ringo has some great stuff out that I like to reread. I have read the Black Tide Rising books several times now, they would make a wonderful T.V. series. He and his backers are trying to get the funding for a proof of concept film right now. Check out their Fundraiser.

Favorite Post Series

This post came out of trying to remember what my favorite books were for my new post series. I’m thinking about dividing the posts into time sections for childhood, tween to young adult, older adult, and current favorites. How’s that sound to you?

The length of this post indicates that I’m gonna have to sit down and make a list. Otherwise I’ll forget some of the older ones. Going through my library won’t work because some of the books I used to love are not there anymore. Besides the ones lost moving, there are only so many books you can fit on a shelf. Once the shelves are full you either get rid of some books or start filling the floors.

I could easily become a hoarder of books, if I didn’t have family. If it was up to me the whole house might be stacked full, floor to ceiling. So I suppose it is a good thing it is NOT up to me.

How about you?


Want To Make Attractive Cheese Trays?

If you want to make attractive cheese trays, you will need a good cheese slicer. Preferably one that has a bit of a design to the cut.

Picture of the cheese and truffle slicer from #Chefsperience.This Cheese Slicer/Truffle Shaver from #Chefsperience is great for slicing cheese pretty.

It is adjustable so you can make the slices really thin or thick.  It takes a bit of practice to actually get the cheese to look nice.

Picture of the cheese and truffle slicer being used to slice cheese.The cheese does have a nice ridge design on it.

I have only used the slicer for cheese, so far.

If this had been in my kitchen a few weeks ago, it would have come in handy for shaving a huge chocolate rabbit, that my husband bought me. That thing was solid chocolate, and I had a hard time cutting pieces small enough to eat.

This is a very well made product. It feels nice and sturdy, and looks really pretty. It is easy to clean too.

You can of course use it to slice anything you want to. It is sharp enough it should slice just about any vegetable, though I have not yet tried that.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil Review

Picture of a bottle of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil.Essential Oils are wonderful. Lavender Essential Oil is my favorite. The scent is relaxing, and the oil is used in massage and aromatherapy.

You can put some on your dryer balls, or on a rag, to make your laundry smell wonderful. It is especially nice to use when drying your sheets and pillow cases, because Lavender can help you relax and fall asleep easier.

Putting a drop on a cotton ball and stuffing that in your pillow case can help the scent last longer too.

You can use this oil in your bath too. It is supposed to help with skin problems such as eczema and acne, as well as aching muscles.

The oil can be used in diffusers or oil burners for aroma therapy. It is great in foot soaks too.

This Bulgarian Essential Oil from First Botany Cosmeceuticals is a large 4 oz bottle and it comes with a glass dropper. That makes it really easy to use.

I like the scent of this oil, it smells pretty much like the other Lavender Oil I have used, but I don’t have a clue how to tell if it is as natural and pure as the label says it is. I have used it on my dryer balls and the laundry does smell nice afterward.

I really like the dropper that came with it, and I’m gonna keep that even after this oil is gone.

I received a free product to review.

A Full Life

My life is pretty full right now.

I have dogs, chickens, guineas, horses, family, the house, the yard, and lots of books I need to read.

The little mini horse.

The newest little horse in these parts.

My husband does most of the taking care of the horses. The young one is a rescue, and the mini is one my husband got cause my mom wanted one. They both need to be worked with, and now that it is starting to dry up out there, that might happen.

Eggs from my chickens.

My chickens are all laying again now, and I’m getting piles of eggs. The neighbors are taking some, and we are eating lots, but looks like they are starting to pile up on me. Might have to open a booth on the side of the road or something. You want some eggs?

The guineas are wandering all over the place now. They have gotten in the road once, and I hollered at them. I hope they don’t keep going out in that direction. The other three directions are pretty safe, so they really don’t need to go in the road.
Some of my guineas out in the yard.

They have started laying eggs too, but I have only found two of them. I hope they will all be laying in the coop so I can get the eggs and hatch them.

The flowers are doing good so far this year too. Lots of daffodils, and those little purple ones, and bluebells.

Flowers in my yard.Lots of these little flowers in my yard.

My tomato plants are coming along nicely too. As soon as this cold spell is over I’m gonna transfer them outside.

So how is your spring going this year? Is it still cold in your area?

Ring Around The Collar

Remember those commercials? It was for some laundry detergent. I don’t even remember which one, but the ads always showed a woman who was mortified, because her husbands shirts had a “ring around the collar”.

It was years before I even came close to understanding that. I still don’t really get it.

I have never once in my entire life seen anyone go up to another person and check their collar to see if it was clean. I used to wonder if there were places in the world where that actually happened. I figured it had to be a rich people thing.

But then I wondered if those rich people didn’t bath as often, or did really dirty work, because their collars were always getting really dirty, and needed special detergent to clean them.

I think a lot of people must have been thinking something like that. I haven’t seen a commercial like that in years.

Now they have those about the colors. You know the ones that imply that you have to use this “very special” detergent or all your colors will fade, and no one will like you anymore, because you look all drab and dingy.

Which if true, means you been hanging around the wrong people anyway.

AND!! AND! (Just making sure you are paying attention here) once your clothes are drab and dingy you have a most excellent excuse to go shopping!

So why worry about it? Seriously. Why???

Bench my father made out of a log.

Have A Lot Of Broken Glasses In Your Past?

I do. I don’t even want to try to count how many I broke all by myself. I have had to replace several of the glass tumblers we use this past year.

That is one reason I really like this Plastic Tumbler Set from Scandinovia. They won’t break! Not without you stomping on them or running them over with the car.

Scandinovia tumbler.They are a small enough for kids to use at 8oz but also big enough for other people. They come in sets of four and are different colors.

Scandinovia Tumblers in the box.The colors are blue, yellow, pink, and green. There was one to match each bathroom, and my kitchen. So right now I’m using them in the bathrooms for rinsing after brushing.

The green matches my big bath and the yellow matches the guest bath. That leaves two for any grand-kids or guests who need an unbreakable glass.

Tumbler from Scandinovia.

I like that these do not really feel like plastic. They have some heft to them like regular glasses.

You can wash them in the dishwasher or by hand, and they stack easily.

These would be a great gift for anyone with kids, and they come in a really nice box.

I received a free or discounted product to review.

Mini Nail Files Make Nail Care Fun

Colorful Mini Nail Files.Kids of all ages will love these colorful Mini Nail Files. I do myself!

They come in lots of colors which is really neat. I took a picture of the package before I opened it because it looked so pretty.

Unopened package of mini nail files.Then of course you open the package and have a pile of color. I especially like the green and orange ones.

Pile of colorful mini nail files.These come in packs of 50 so you will have plenty of them to share with your family. I took some of each color to my mom, because she is always using nail files, and always needing more of them. That is partly ’cause she can’t always find one when she needs it. Now she has enough to put around the house so she can always find one.

I put some in different places in my house too. By my recliner, in each bathroom, by the beds, and in the kitchen.

These also come in different grits. So you can find one for just about anything you need.

These can be used for things other than nails. I have used them on my hearing aid molds, and on my dentures, and they can be used on small items in the house if you don’t have sandpaper handy.

These are made in the USA and are 3.5 inches long by 1/2 of an inch wide. They are easy to hold and use.

I received this item at a heavily discounted price to review.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil Can Help Clear A Stuffy Nose

Bottle of eucalyptus oil from Up Nature.Put a couple of drops of this Eucalyptus Essential Oil from Up Nature in a pot of boiling water, and inhale the steam. Your stuffy nose will start to clear up pretty quick.

It may take a bit longer if it is really bad. You can put the oil in a diffuser too, and it will help a bit, but not as much as the steam.

It can help some if you put a bit on cloth and sniff it too. Or put some on a cloth under your pillow case at night, to help keep your nose clear while you sleep.

The smell is wonderful too. It can help lift your mood.

Diluted oil can be applied directly to the skin, and is often used in soaps and lotions.

It is supposed to be very helpful in repelling ticks if mixed with lemon extract. I’m gonna try that come spring. We are overrun with ticks here in NE Arkansas. If that keeps even a few of them off it will be worth it.

Eucalyptus oil also has some antiseptic properties and makes a good mouthwash.

According to WebMD more research is needed to find out just how useful it can be for things like Arthritis, Asthma, and headaches.

Just be very careful not to use it undiluted on your skin or by mouth.

It does work great for stuffy noses. I have been using it for that the past week. And it makes the house smell good.  Mixing it with peppermint oil really helps.

I like this oil.

I received a free product to review.

Do You Ever Hand Wash Dishes?

Bamboo Dish Drying Rack from LakeHouse.If you hand dry dishes, you will like this 2-Tier Bamboo Dish Drying Rack from Lake House Products. Especially if you are short on counter space.

I have quite a lot of counter space these days but I still like this rack, because no matter how much space you have, it never seems to be enough.

This drying rack would have been really handy back when I lived in that tiny little trailer with almost no counter space in the kitchen at all.

The top holds my plates easily and it can also hold the lids off the serving bowls and fry pans.

Bamboo Drying Rack with my dishes on it.

The bottom holds the small glasses and cups.

When you don’t need it you can fold it up and stick it behind a door or under the sink. I really like that. After all there is no reason to have it out unless you are actually washing dishes.

I’m thinking of using one of these racks as a cabinet organizer too. For all my lids, that tend to end up in a pile in the cabinet.

I also like that this rack is made of bamboo. Bamboo grows fast and is renewable. The wood looks really pretty as well.

I received a free product to review.

Save Money With Motion Sensor LED Lights

MSLPro Motion Sensing Socket PlugThe MSLPro Motion Sensing Socket Plug is a great way to save on lighting costs.

It uses a regular LED light bulb that puts out about 475 Lumens. That is about the same as a 40 watt incandescent bulb, which is plenty of light for most purposes.

I put the one we got in our kitchen. I had it by the door at first but I had to move it because the light shined into our bedroom, right on my husbands face. Not a good thing.

I moved it to the other side of the kitchen and it works really great. It lights up the whole kitchen well enough for most things. I do like having the overhead light on when I’m cooking though.

Motion Sensor Plug Light.

It has three different settings you can change, the motion sensing distance, the time it stays on, and whether it will come on in the daytime.

Since our kitchen is usually nice and bright during the day, I set it to only come on after dark. It will come on during storms or on cloudy days too, but mostly only at night.

I also set the distance so it would come on when someone walked into the kitchen, and to stay on for 3 minutes. The stay on timer counts from when it last detects motion.  You can set it to stay on from 25 seconds to 5 minutes. If you keep moving it will stay on.

I originally set it to only stay on for about 1 minute, but my husband wanted it to stay on long enough for him to get the coffee maker going in the morning, and the coffee maker is just out of range of the motion sensor on the other side of the kitchen (weird angles in this house).

He used to turn the light on and just leave it on so he could see when he came back down the hall. Now with this light we are saving electricity because it goes off while he isn’t in there. I really like that.

I would love to replace just about all the lights in our house with motion sensor lights.

I received a free product to review.

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