Trashcans Make Useful Gifts

I know trash cans are not usually what people think of when they are looking for a gift, but they are very useful. Especially for young adults or anyone just starting their own household. Or someone who lost all their things in a fire. A really nice one like this 5L brushed stainless steel step … Read More

Round Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

We used this Salt and Pepper Grinder Set for our holiday dinner. There were two tables so we needed an extra set. My cousin fell in love with this set. No wonder, it is pretty. The tops are shiny stainless steel and the bottoms are clear glass. I love the round bottoms. You can see … Read More

Need Your Coffee To Stay Hot On The Way To Work?

This stainless steel insulated water bottle from Futurepace Tech will keep your coffee hot for up to 8 hours. Of course it will work just as well for any hot beverage, if you are one of those strange folks who like to drink hot tea. I’m from the south so much more into iced tea. … Read More

Turn Your Shower Into A Spa

You can make your shower feel like a spa with a HotelSpa® Ultra-Luxury 30-setting 3-way Rainfall/Handheld Shower Combo. I have never been to a spa, but I have been in a couple of fancy hotels. At least they seemed pretty fancy to me. This is the sort of shower head you will see in those … Read More

Great Gift For A Person Who Loves To Cook

This 6 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set from Chefs Limited would make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook. It is good for anyone who only cooks under protest too. Those folks might even appreciate it more since it is easier to cook with proper utensils. This set comes with a rotating stand for … Read More

Dryer Balls Can Save You Money

Putting some dryer balls in your clothes dryer is one way to save a little bit of money. Every little bit helps, because those cents add up to dollars, and over the life of the balls that can come to quite a bit. These Feeling Fluffy Dryer Balls should last for at least a thousand … Read More

Protect Yourself From Digital Pickpockets

Digital scanners can read the information on the RFID chips on your new credit cards. That’s ok if the scanner belongs to a store, or someone who is supposed to be scanning your information because you are buying something from them. The problem is the scammers, and thieves, who buy a scanner, and sit and … Read More

Electrical Outlets Too Far Away?

These 6 Foot Extension Cords from Ubercords extend your reach to those far away outlets. These are really good extension cords too. They are heavy duty cords, and are made to last a long time. They are CSA approved with a lifetime warranty, and are rated for 125 Volt/13 Amp Applications. I put one of … Read More

Proper Tire Pressure Helps Save Gas

Proper tire pressure also helps to make your car a bit safer to drive. So you need to make sure you have the right amount of air in your tires. In order to do that you need a good tire pressure gauge. This heavy duty Professional Tire Pressure Gauge from TireTek will make that much … Read More

Need Extra Light In Your Hall?

This motion sensor night light is great for dark hallways. Or any spot that needs some extra light. I put it in our hallway. It lights up when one of us walks close to it. The light has already prevented me from setting on the dog a couple of times. She likes to lay in … Read More

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